A Wonderous Time in Public

I tried going out in public today. Didn't work out very well.


4. Attemp No. 3- Cafe


 It's been pretty long...

I think I can do this...



 I had been thinking a lot, for the past few weeks. I have thought in many ways to stay in public without being a threat to people.

Steve has also tried to help me many times with that. I have been calming down and maybe today I might have a plan.

I have chosen to disguise myself, make me not noticeable and maybe fit in, like normal citizens.

I went over to the closet and changed to disguise myself. I put on a hat, sunglasses, black jeans, brown jacket, and a black shirt with brown boots.

I walked to the living room, and saw Steve there, he turned towards me and said. "What's with the change?" he asked me confused.

"I am disguising myself, to go into public again." I told him. ( I'm probably going to regret this). He turned towards me and turned of the television.

"Well then, where are we off to?" Steve said smiling. "I was thinking maybe a coffee shop." Steve just smiled as he opened the door.

We got out and started walking around crowds of people. Again the girls still wanted pictures with Steve, they stared all that teenage girls are best at doing, but, not everything was the same.

I didn't feel harmful, or like a threat.

I didn't feel pressure.

I felt normal.

We entered the coffee shop, once Steve sat down he started talking. "I'm proud of you Bucky, you weren't acting up." Steve said smiling.

"Well, thanks to my idea of disguising myself to fit in and be normal." I told him. Steve looked at me with a serious face.

"You don't have to be normal Bucky, just be you." Steve said smiling. I know what he wanted me to do.



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