You and I

It all starts when tragic hits Whitney, a high school student, and changes her life forever. She thought nothing could go right until a new neighbor moves in across the hall...


2. Chapter 2

Whitney's POV

Me and my grandma got the hospital and I ran to the front desk.

"I need to see my parents. Where are my parents?" I screamed.

"Ok calm down a minute. What's your parents names?" Asked the nurse.

"John and Kathryn Smith" I replied.

I waited as she typed the names into the computer.

"Ok so they were extremely hurt and went into emergency surgery. I will have the doctor update you as soon as he can. For now please take a seat and wait," said the nurse.

So many thoughts are rushing through my mind. They were extremely hurt. How hurt were they? Will they be ok? I decided to take a seat next to my grandma and wait.

*one hour later*

I haven't heard anything and I'm starting to expect the worst. Sean finally joined us in the waiting room. All three of us are just sitting. No one is saying a word. We can't.

"I'm looking for the smith family," asked a doctor.

"Yes, yes that's us!" I yelled.

The doctor walked over to us.

"Would you guys like to follow me?" He asked.

We all nodded and got up. We followed the doctor down the hall into a private room. What does this mean?

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Please sit. We have been working on your mother in surgery for the last hour. She had her liver and lungs crushed in the accident. We worked as hard as we could to fix her...."

Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I knew what he was talking about.

"No! No! No! She can't die!" I cried.

"I'm sorry. We did everything we could but the damage was to extensive," explained the doctor.

I turned and hugged my brother as we both cried. I can't believe this is happening to me. To us. Then I remembered something and turned back to the doctor.

"What about my dad?" I asked.

"We have fixed his injury's for now but he's in a coma. Would you like to see him?" He asked.

"Yes please," we all said.

We followed the doctor out of the room and up a few floors. We reached the ICU and when I saw my dad hooked up to every machine possible I knew we couldn't let him live like that.

"Will he wake up?" I asked.

"It's unlikely but nothing is impossible," explained the doctor. "I will leave you three alone for a while. Let me know if you have any questions."

We said our thanks and I went and sat next to my dad. I grabbed his hand as I started to cry. The doctor said he probably wasn't going to wake up, but I'm not giving up.

*A few hours later*

"Kids I think we need to make a decision on your father," my grandma said while we were eating in the hospital cafeteria.

"We have to now?" I asked.

"We can't let him suffer just for our benefits. He's brain dead hunny. He's not going to wake up. I'm sorry," said my grandma.

I didn't want to think about this. I couldn't handle it. I wasn't going to have any parents anymore. I'm 18 so I don't have to go to foster care, but still. I'm never going to see them again after this.


We were all sitting around my dad as the doctor was preparing to turn off the life support machine. I didn't want to watch this, but I didn't want to miss it. We had all said our goodbyes. Now it's time to let go.

"I'm going to be turning off the machine. He will breathe for a bout a few seconds on his own and then he will stop. You will here the machine flat line and then I will turn that off also. Are you ready?" Asked the doctor.

We all shook our heads unable to say anything from the tears and lump in our throats. The doctor did as he said and it was finished. I no longer had parents. I'm all by myself.

I didn't know what to do as the tears rolled down my cheeks. The pain in my chest feels like it's going to burst any second. How did this day turn out like this?

Hey guys! I hope you like this chapter! Comment what you think!

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