Cover Contest

Join The cover contest please! thank you to Mxfia Rogers for the cover :)


5. Entersies#2

Cover 1. 

(Caitlin Malfoy ❤️🐍🐍🐍❤️)

Cover 2. 


Cover 3.


Banner 1 from El.xte:

Banner 2 from El.xte:

Cover 4. 

(Amour Dollhouse Child)

Cover 5. 

(Me -.- because I was so freaking bored and decided to join my own cover contest XD)

Cover 6. 



Cover 7. 

( Crazy af♡)

Banner 3 from:  crazy af:

Banner 4 from: Crazy af♡:


Cover 8. 


Banner 5 from: P.xns

Banner 6 from: P.xns


If a person wins for the cover then they can not win again

here. for example if one person wins for the cover for contest#2 they

can't win for the banners for contest#2. 

Also when you pick a banner and cover please say Banner #

because if you say 6 and 5 but you mean banner 5

I am going to think cover 5

I hope you guys understand :)


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