Preschool [l.s.]

"I'm just here to pick up my little brother from preschool, that's all," he says, not looking in his eyes because he knows the green-eyed-boy would see the hurt and worry. [Cover made by Qveendom]


2. two


"Come on little dude, their is but only so much daylight left," I tell Preston, who is about five feet behind me. Turning around, I realized that he had stop walking and is now staring at something off in the distance.

"Wait, I see something," He replies, as I travel closer to him, trying to find what he's looking at,"...It's Tyler!" he adds on, jumping up and down.

"Who's that?" I wonder, squinting to get a better look at the figure.

"She's the girl I was talking about early," He smiles, one of those girl-killer smiles. Even know he's only four, he's already into girls. Knowing he already knows what crack is, it's not surprising. Basically, he's a twelve-year-old boy in a four-year-old boys body. 

"Oh the pretty one," I answer, shuffling a bit closer, realizing that Tyler is with another figure that I have seen before, "Preston, let's get going."

"Why, I want to see Tyler," He whines, crossing his arms. 

"You get to see her tomorrow, alright? The firework store, is going to close soon enough," I lie as an excuse to go, while grabbing his arm, I push him along.

"Fine, fine. So, what color fireworks are we going to get?" Preston questions, walking right beside me.  

"Well, we need to see what they have first," I tell him, "But, I hope there will be green. You know how much I love green." I say, turning the corner.

"I hope their is the rainbow one again!" Preston declares, walking right along the side of 'Big Boom Fireworks', stopping once we get on we hit the trash dump.

"Come on little guy, let's see what they have," I lift Preston up onto a box, next to the huge trash can, climbing up after him.

"Look they do have the rainbow ones," he pulls out a small box of fireworks, after we lift up the lid.

You thought that we were going to buy fireworks? Hell no, we don't have that kind of money. They usual throw out the ones that no one likes and we find them.

"Aha, green," I pull out a medium sized box, happy of what we found.  


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