Preschool [l.s.]

"I'm just here to pick up my little brother from preschool, that's all," he says, not looking in his eyes because he knows the green-eyed-boy would see the hurt and worry. [Cover made by Qveendom]


3. three


    "Come on little dude, let's go. I already have a lighter," I say, carrying a middle side box of green fireworks.

  Preston follows close behind me with a smaller sized box of rainbow fireworks, studding on a few steps.

   "Alright, I'm coming," He answers, as we make our way to a frosted path, that leads to St. Fri Beach. Yes, the beach which people bombed and had a gun fight on, a few Fridays back . Even know that fact, we still come and set off fireworks a lot. Just for fun.

   Putting one foot in front of the other, we travel along the gravel pathway until we see a large wooden sign, stating "St. Fri Beach, 1938". 

  We take a shard turn right and we there. Beautiful waves crash onto soft, tan colored sand, producing a slight breeze that brushes against me.

"Preston, put down the box right here," I demand, placing down my box, after he places his. We stand back up straight, studying the full moon that is shining down on the ocean. 

"Perfect night for fireworks, huh?" I ask, pulling out the lighter out of my back jean pocket.

"Agreed," he starts opening the boxes, handing me a rainbow one first. 

    I crotch down, placing the firework a few inches in front of me and say, "On a count of three... three ... two ... one." I light her up, running away as fast as I can afterwards. It blows.

"Whoa... Now that's a pretty firework," I declare, watching it disperse into the night sky.

"Yeah, but not as pretty as you," a voice says, making me swing around. Blue eyes meet a pair of green.

The voice was the-green-eyed-boy?

The voice was the-green-eyed-boy.

The only light there is, is the moon. Well the sun shining on the moon, but whatever. I can be smart at times.

   Whatever back on track, he stand directly in the moonlight, with Tyler. Still?

"What are you doing here?" I question, blushing a bit of his comment.

Preston runs over to Tyler, giving her a hug. She hugs back. One word: adorable. 

"To set off fireworks of course," He smile, one of those girl-killer smiles. Just like Preston's.   









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