Preschool [l.s.]

"I'm just here to pick up my little brother from preschool, that's all," he says, not looking in his eyes because he knows the green-eyed-boy would see the hurt and worry. [Cover made by Qveendom]


7. seven

"There you dweebs are!" a voice yells, out of the dark. Silence falls.

  "Oh shit," I mumble, realizing who it is. The figure become clearly with the light from the moon, a old-man-drunken-man stands in the sand, pissed.

   "Who's that?" Harry whispers. Preston and his little sister hinds behind him.

  There's a moment of silence, where the only sound being made was the waves crushing upon the shore. My stomach slips making me feel like barfing up my lunch, breakfast, and even yesterday's dinner.

  "Kevin... My step-father," I whisper, not being able to move.

   "You a-a-ases coming or not? I got things things to d-do," my father slurs, he's clearly drunk.

  "The bruises, they come from him, don't they?" Harry questions, pulling on my arm. I just give a small nod of the head, still trying to process what to-do.

  Kevin, comes closer to the water, stumbling.

 "Louis, r-run to the s-shed," Preston manages to get says, I look back at the green-eye-boy and he lifts up Tyler.

 I try to pick up Preston, but he pushes my arms away, "I got legs and I know how to run."

  I nod, surprised, as the man comes closer and that's when my legs start moving at the speed of lighting.

 "R-U-N!" I yell and everyone including Kevin, starts running.


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