Preschool [l.s.]

"I'm just here to pick up my little brother from preschool, that's all," he says, not looking in his eyes because he knows the green-eyed-boy would see the hurt and worry. [Cover made by Qveendom]


9. nine

    I wake up next to Harry, with the sun cracking trough the small windows of the shed, still in Harry's strong, tattooed arms. I lay there, silently, listening to the birds chipping, studying the beautiful boy right in front of me. His lips are so kissable, so full and pink. His eyelashes so long and adorable. His nose, big, but still beautiful, just like the rest of his features. 

   Man I'm so creepy, I'm watching someone sleep.

   "Good morning, Lou," Harry grumbles, a few minutes later, his voice deep and raspy, rubbing the sleep out of his vibrant green eyes.  

   Oh my, his voice turns me on so much, he better shut up or we are going to have a big problem in my lower region.   

   "Did you sleep well?" he says, sitting up and smirking.

   My eyes go wide, looking down at my pants. God dammit, this kid.

   "Um, aha, well, yeah, really well actually well," I say, truthfully, "What about you?"​

    "I have to say the same. Really good," he smiles, proudly.       

 God damn, morning wood and Harry's voice does not mix well. I might need to excuse myself real soon.      

   "Good morning, guys," Harry greets Preston and Tyler, as they wake.      

    "Hazza, I want pancakes," Tyler smiles.      

     Preston nods his head, quickly, showing he agrees.     

     "I think we can make that work," Harry says, facing me, "Up for some pancakes, Lou? I know a really good pancake house a few blocks away."    

     I look up from my growing problem and says, "Sure. I think I got some explain to do too."     

     "Hell yes, you do," Harry whispers in my ear, sending me over the edge, I officially have a hard on boner and I need to get rid of it NOW.     

     "Just let me use the bathroom first, please," I say, standing up.     

     "Can't you wait till we get at the pancake house, Lou?" Preston asks with big, brown puppy eyes.     

  Harry's eyes travel down my body, stopping at my area, his eyes popping out of his head.    

     "No, little dude, I don't think this can wait," Harry smirks, looking back into my eyes.      


     Opening the door of the shed, hearing Harry bursting out laughing. His laugh only turning me on more.                                          


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