Preschool [l.s.]

"I'm just here to pick up my little brother from preschool, that's all," he says, not looking in his eyes because he knows the green-eyed-boy would see the hurt and worry. [Cover made by Qveendom]


4. four

  "Um... really?" I stand uncomfortably, watching his eyes travel over to Preston and Tyler, that are still hugging. He laughs softly.

  "Yeah really; see here's proof," He holds out a box of Fireworks, blue ones. I examine the box from afar.

"Well, why are you with one of Preston's classmates?" I ask.

"Tyler? Oh she's my baby sister," He replies, as we both watch Tyler and Preston let go from their hug.

   "And Harry is my big brother!" Tyler says with excitement.

    So his name is Harry. Harry... he is hairy so it makes sense. I mean those long-chocolate-curls make the name fit him. That name is very unusual in American and his accent sounds like mine, British, but Tyler doesn't have a accent. How does that even make sense? Harry and Tyler - doesn't work.

"So your name is Harry. Where you from?" I ask Harry.

"The UK. Tyler is from L.A.," He answers.

"So she is from around here. Why aren't you in the UK?" I ask, yet another question.

"Well um... a lot of family issues. My mother decided to move to American from the UK, after my dad well... went to jail. She met another guy and well Tyler happened, but he sort went away too,"  He declares, looking at his feet.

"Oh.. I'm sorry," My shy smile turns into a frown.

   "Can we set off more fireworks," Preston whines, staring at Tyler. Her face turns bright red when she looks up and sees where Preston's eyes lay. Preston is such a ladies man.

"Only if your older brother agrees to let Tyler and I join you," Harry smirks. 

Preston tugs on my arm, making 'puppy dog eyes'.

"Fine, you can join us," I give in. Preston and Tyler jumps a bit. 

"Let's go!" Tyler yells. Preston and her running over towards the boxes of firework, Preston and I found earlier in the dump.

"Shall we?" Harry asks.

"Um.. Yeah," I agree, looking down at the ground, smiling.

"Oh wait, I never got your name," Harry says, walking slowly.

"Uh... It's Louis," I say, shyly.

"Wow, I love the sound. Low-ie," Harry states.     

I just smile in return, blushing.


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