Rebel Without Applause

Scarlett Barker is an 18 year old girl who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's the summer before she leaves for College, and she is just trying to get everything organized for her leave to NAU. When a new boy, Zayn Malik, moves in on her street, her life is turned upside down when his bad boy ways gets in the way of her good girl persona.


1. Chapter 1

The Marimba ringtone rang through the bathroom as I did my makeup. It was just the start of Summer and it only left  me about three months to really prepare for college. Picking up my iPhone, across it read, Skye, sliding to answer I raised it to my ear. "Hello!" 

"Hey Scarlett! I am on my way over so we can go shopping!" Skye's voice chimed through the phone,

"Okay see you soon!" I hung up the phone before putting a red lipstick on and heading out of the bathroom toward my bedroom.  The room was Tiffany blue and white trim, a poster of Marilyn Monroe hung over my bed and one of Audrey Hepburn hung above my desk on the opposite wall.  The room was big like a  master bedroom in a mid class home.

Going into the walk in closet, I grabbed a pair of flip flops and slid them on my feet before grabbing a grey cardigan that went past my shorts in length. I walked out of the room after grabbing my purse. No one was home at the time, so I left in peace. Skye wasn't there yet, I sat outside on the brick fence watching the very quiet neighborhood.

I noticed an unfamiliar car outside the home of a family friend. They didn't have visitor's often so to see a car, that wasn't brand new, outside was unusual. Skye pulled up to the curb, waving out of the window. She had a cute little Mini cooper that was red.

Waving back, I walked to her car and got into the passenger seat, "Hey!" I said giving her a quick hug.

"Hello!" She replied before driving off toward IKEA.

"I cant wait to get this summer started!" I told her before checking my phone.

"I know me either! Jason is having a party tonight we should go!"

Parties were not appealing to me what so ever but I wanted to start this break off right.

"alright but I probably wont stay long."

"That's okay, because after a few drinks you wont even realize where you are!"

I couldn't help but laugh and shake my head, Skye has been my best friend since we were ten and now we were going to college together. It will be nice having someone that I know to go to college with, I would not want to do it alone.

We finally pulled into the IKEA parking lot, it was packed. Not a good idea to go on a Saturday. I got out of the car and headed inside IKEA, when you go to IKEA you plan to be there all day considering how big it was.

Going through each isle one by one we grabbed a few storage things. I wouldn't know who my roommate was till the day I moved in so it was important for me to get easy storage as I had to be organized.

By the time we got out of IKEA and to a restaurant to get some lunch, my feet were sore and I was ready for a nap.


By the time I got home my  parents were home as well as my siblings. My siblings and I were a few years apart as Isabel was starting High school and Craig was starting Middle school.  Walking inside I went to my room with all my bags from IKEA, setting them to the side, I sat at my desk checking my emails on my computer.

"Dinner is ready," My mother said after knocking on my door.

"I will be right down," I said; logging out of Facebook and turning the computer off. It was 6:00pm, after dinner I had planned on getting ready and heading over to Jason's for his party. I walked down the stairs and to the dining room, everyone was already sitting down with a plate of food in front of them ready to eat. Taking my usual seat next to my sister, I placed my napkin in my lap.

The table was always set up like we were expecting guests. My mother is very big on presentation no matter if it was just her family.  Dinning table always had a vase of neatly placed flowers with the perfect amount of water in the middle, the red table cloth was ironed and evenly placed on each side. Every person had a spoon, a steak knife, a butter knife, and a fork, even if we didn't need all the silverware; polished as well. 

"What are your plans for tonight Scarlett?" My father asked before taking a sip of his red wine.

"Jason is having a party and Skye wants me to go" I said after chewing my bite of potato.

"Oh, well don't be out to late." He said.

"I wont," It annoyed me how they treated me like a child as I was months away from living on my own.

"Have you seen the new boy that moved into the Malik's house?" The piercing sound of my mother's high pitched voice interrupted my brother before he could speak.

"Yeah, he looks like trouble with all those tattoos. All I have to say is he better not start havoc in this neighborhood or the Malik's and I will have a problem," My father replied to the question with a roll of his eyes.

"Just because someone has tattoos doesn't mean they are bad," Isabel said.

"All they bring is loud music, drugs, and the devil," He replied to her.

After dinner I went upstairs to my bedroom and changed my outfit into a black and white stripped maxi dress, letting my hair rest in natural curls past my breast. Putting on a necklace with a bird on it and a pair of tan sandals. I grabbed my purse and keys before spraying my Katy Perry Purr perfume all over my body. Walking out of the house I said goodbye to my parents and drove off towards Jason's house. The car that was once in front of the Malik's was gone now and left an oil stain on the asphalt.

Jason's house was already packed with people and you could feel the music vibrating the ground. Parking at his neighbors house, I locked my Lexus and walked into his house. Passing people that I didn't recognize I took my phone out to text Skye to see where she was.


Hearing my name once I entered the house, I looked around and spotted my friend waving her hand toward me. Walking to her I gave her a smile then looked around at the people she was sitting with. They all seemed pretty nice and normal except for three people. Two of them had piercings in their face and the other had tattoos showing on his right arm as well as on his chest, his shirt was a v-neck that showed a tattoo with red lips and wings surrounding it.

"This is Scarlett everyone! Meet, Kyle, Rachel, Josie, Liam, Louis, and Zayn." Skye pointed to all of them as she yelled at me so I could hear her.

"Hello!" I waved to them and sat next to Skye on the couch. The two girls that were unfamiliar to me looked innocent and gorgeous. One, which I think was Rachel, had brown hair and was very petite. Josie had red hair and had the hour glass figure that everyone seemed to want.

"I am glad you came!" Skye shouted at me, she was already slurring her words.

Nodding, I gave her a smile and looked at everyone in the circle.

"Okay your turn Zayn," The blonde girl said. I looked down at the table seeing a board game out.

Drunks playing Life eh?

The boy with tattoos flicked the spinner as it landed on three. He moved his car three spaces and gathered his money for his pay day which I figured was not the right amount.

"How do you people figure out how to play this game while you are drinking?"

"It isn't that hard to figure out," Rachel said to me  before flicking the spinner.

"okay," I quickly felt as if I was a bother to the group. "I'm going to get a drink," I told Skye before standing out and walking to the kitchen, grabbing a red Dixie cup filling it with the beer out of a keg. I didn't usually drink beer, just wine at my parents parties.

Going back to the group a few people had left the circle and now it was just the boy Kyle, Zayn, and Skye.

"Zayn is new around here," Kyle said as I sat down taking a sip of the beer as it went down my throat leaving a gross taste in my mouth.

"Oh really, well welcome to hell!" I said and laughed. He didn't, he just stared at me.

Zayn's P.O.V

The music was loud and annoying as girls sang through the speakers talking about how she was moving on from her boyfriend. Pathetic. I followed Kyle around like a lost puppy dog which I wasn't pleased with but I didn't know anyone at this party. The only reason I knew him was that he worked at the shitty job I started today. 

I didn't want to be in Arizona or in America for that matter, but they thought it was what was best for me, which was bullshit. Kyle finally settled on a group that had three girls and two other guys in it. Sitting down on a chair I looked around at them before someone had mentioned playing a board game Life. I wasn't a fan of games but was some how forced into it as I finished my second beer. 

Looking up at one of the girls who had her attention on something else as she called out a name and raised her hand in a waving motion. Another girl appeared, her hair was blonde, curled, and rested just below her boobs. The girls body had just the right amount of curves, something to hold onto. Her Friend introduced her as Scarlett. When she looked at me her face seemed to be caked on with makeup and she had quite a big mouth, which could come in handy. Smirking to myself I looked at Kyle when he said it was my turn.

The girl named Scarlett left the circle once it was the brunette's  turn. The red head, Josie, I think, was all over me the whole time. Sure, I'd probably have my way with her but I wasn't in the mood. I had major jet leg for one and I hated the people in this house, they all were annoying, snobby, rich people.  People that my friends and I laughed at, we use to egg houses in neighborhood's like this, not living in them. My bedroom at my grandparents is the size of my fucking house in England.

The stupid board game was finally over and the blonde and brunette girls left as well as the three other boys.  I was now on my fourth beer and was feeling a slight buzz, I was use to drinking a lot so it was nothing to me.

Scarlett came back and took the seat next her friend.  Kyle stated that I was new in town and I gave no emotion, I wasn't here to make friends, I just wanted to get this summer over with and go back home. The blonde tried to make a joke but it was stupid and I just looked at her with a blank expression.

"I will be right back," Kyle said as he stood up and went to the kitchen, the very slender girl, Skye, followed him; leaving Scarlett and I to ourselves.

Scarletts P.O.V

"So, what brings you to Arizona?" It was to awkward sitting in silence and I tried to make small talk. It was a bit hard considering the music had not been turned down.

"Personal reason," He answered with a thick British accent. It kind of shocked me.

"Oh you are from England?"

"Obviously," He replied in a short tone. It was clear he didn't want to talk at all.

I realized after that conversation I needed another beer. Getting up from the couch, I walked to the kitchen and filled my cup up again.

"Well look who it is!" I heard a familiar, male voice behind me. Turning around I saw my ex boyfriend and rolled my eyes.

"Hi Brandon," I said not interested at all.

"What are you doing here baby girl?"

"Don't call me baby girl," I said setting my cup down. I learned you shouldn't do that but I couldn't hold it and deal with Brandon.

"Oh feisty tonight, maybe you will give it up to me now." Watching Brandon bite his lip made me nauseous. He moved closer to me and grabbed my  hips pulling me into him.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled and pushed against his chest.

"Oh whats wrong? You use to like this," His lips ran across my earlobe as he whispered.

"Yeah well now I don't!" yelling didn't seem to help, he wasn't giving up.

"Why don't we go upstairs and-" His voice made me ill.

"Hey! She told you to stop!" A British accent yelled quite loud were everyone was staring now at us.

Brandon let go of me and put his attention toward the voice. It was Zayn. I stood in shock just trying to figure out what just happened.

"Who are you?" Brandon yelled back at Zayn.

"It doesn't matter asshole! She doesn't look to pleased you are all over her!" Zayn fired back.

"I can do what I want with Scarlett!"

I decided to go to the stranger that I just met and stand behind him looking back at Brandon.

"Well either you get the fuck out of here or I call the cops  for harassing my girlfriend!"

Girlfriend? What is this guy talking about.

"Oh this is your new boy toy Scarlett!? You know damn well you wont find anyone better then me!" Brandon yelled and stormed off to the backyard.

I sighed in relief and looked up at Zayn.

Zayn Looked at me, "You alright?"

"Yeah, thanks," I said in a soft voice not even sure if he could hear me.

"Good," and with that he headed out into the living room toward the front door.

It was 2am by the time I left, since the incident happened with Brandon and Zayn I couldn't stop thinking about him and why he protected me like that. When I pulled up to my house I noticed that the crappy car was back in the front of Mr and Mrs Malik's house. Rolling my eyes, I went inside quietly and headed straight to bed.

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