Dana Hood (CH&LH fanfiction)

A love story between Dana Hood and Luke Hemmings

P.s I'm not very good at making these but just wanna get out there /adios��


1. introducing me

"Calum!!","yes", the lads are here and so is Hazza,Nialler,Carrots,Zaynie,and Daddy Direction!!!!

"Okay I'm coming."

Oh sorry about that my name is Dana Hood and I'm 15. Yes I know what your thinking are you Calum's sister?"yes,yes I am" and I love him like he's my Hansel and I'm his Gretel. As you can tell, me and my brother are very close, but don't be fooled me and him, always have arguments about the craziest things like how, I won't let watch tv and how I can't sleep without him snoring in my ear. But back to me my birthday is in September 13th

And it's October which means I just turn 15 yaaay!!!!! Kidding but yeah that's me so yeah."later"



I know its short BUT LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK?????? Ily❤️❤️❤️❤️give me a couple of likes and I'll write the first chapter

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