Shadow of the Day

When all is normal....sometimes people just wanna shake up the remind people....that the world isn't as nice as it seems...


1. Prologue : Cornered

I sit here looking at the mirror on the wall, knowing I'm being watched by the men in blue. Running the events that happened in the past few months, it seems like it was a dream.

I heard the lock on the door click as I slid back into my chair. A large man about 6"1 walked in sitting in the chair across from me dropping a small file on the table. "Do you know who I am son" he asked in a soft yet stern voice, "No but by the badge on that chain your one of important blues, correct?" I said with a slight venom in my voice.

He flipped open the file with a half smile glancing up at me,"Yes important, and you are a Mr.Isaac Snow, am I right son?". I glared at him sharply,"Yes that's my name, Mr.Blue. He looks at me with amusement "And your a sophomore at Greenwood Academy, correct?" He asked glancing over the file in front of him.

"What is this about, I'm entitled to know why I'm here without my parents knowledge." I spat out halfway slamming my hands down on the table. "Calm down kid, we just have some questions about what has happened the last few weeks, namely if you know anything about the Ghosts." He said looking at me with a state that could kill a man if he wasn't ready, but I was.

The flood of memories hit me when he asked about us, The Ghosts...5 kids that's all it took to turn a nice town into a terror show. I glanced at a paper in front of him, it was a list of multiple names, all stores.

I went quiet, closed my eyes, and sighed. "Let me start from the beginning, the birth of a ghost......"

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