its complicated

a girl that fell for somebody she though she never fall for, even if the world depended on it she says. It starts when kelly and niall brake up at this party, myranda gets put in the middle of it. Myranda has a crush on niall but niall doesnt know that. But theres a slight problem niall has feelings for myranda too. Will myranda forgive him? How will they react when they find out they like each other? How will they both react? Who knows read, to find out...


6. what just happened!?!?!

hey guys ok sorry for not updating in awhile, just been busy with school and yu know homework.. they need to lower down on tht, to.much work!?! Anyway enjoy the chaptie and comment wat yu think.. ok -Beau (yes this is the meaning of my name) heheh Myranda pov: while driving back i was happy, wann know why, well niall and the boys said yes to going to the carnival. like im thinking of asking him what he thinks of me then he says 'what happened back there when we were the others?' i thought 'oohh and why are you soooo happy?' i began to panick.. sh... cornnuts... 'umm inside joke with abbi, and glad that you boys agreed to come along to carnival thats all' i say blushing 'wait why you saw her wink at me?!?!' i said panicked.. ' no reason to panick and yea but it was just a inside joke... right?' he said. ' yupp' i said popping the "p". 'You always were bad at lieing, so tell me the truth?' he said and then he smirked. 'ugh, i hate you' 'i luv you too, now explain' 'fu-dge, do i have to?' i whined. 'YES' 'fine she dis bcuz oli sort of like you.' 'what?' he smirked, ugh i l-i-k-e, like you!?!? ok!' i yelled then quickly blushed. He then chuckled, i then slouched in my seat. 'i like you too... i didnt mean to hurt your feelings, my' i then stopped parked and slammed my lips into his, he was shocked at first now he hit reality and kissed back. we pulled away i felt sparks, when we were kissing, now we were breathing hard, staring into each other eyes.. wow i didnt realize his eyes were so fuking amazing. NIALL POV: OMFG!!! WE KISSED!?! Ok calm down, i felt sparks. so i she started driving aain when we reached her house, i decided thtat maybe i should ask her out so before she got out i grabbed her wrist and said 'will you be m-my girlfriend my-' she kissed me again, and said 'yes, niall i will bb yur girlfriend' i smiled kissed her, pulled away and then said 'what are we gonna tell the others?' 'hmm.. nothing we will let them figure it out on there own. And i think Perrie and Zayn are together. so yea..' 'yea they are dating, and i think avery likes sumbody hahah!' he said. i playfully punched him, 'ok lets go inside now' we started walking when all of a sudden there was harry and louis atanding there arguing. Me and myranda looked at each other, then said 'what just happened?' Then thats when everyone looked at us all the same time and yelled 'Where the hell where you guys?' we've been waiting for the past hour!' oops
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