its complicated

a girl that fell for somebody she though she never fall for, even if the world depended on it she says. It starts when kelly and niall brake up at this party, myranda gets put in the middle of it. Myranda has a crush on niall but niall doesnt know that. But theres a slight problem niall has feelings for myranda too. Will myranda forgive him? How will they react when they find out they like each other? How will they both react? Who knows read, to find out...


4. surprise?

Niall pov: Ive been trying to figure out whether or not i should tell myranda that i like her or not. Idk, then i hear 'niall, hey wait up!' Myranda said. I laughed after seeing what she was wearing. 'What?' 'Really? Really? Nice sh-' 'shut up niall! It was a bet, and i lost so just shut up, yes it was amber and katrinas idea ok....' Myranda said. 'Yea now ask him and lads now.' Amber said. But-' 'no buts NOW!' 'Fine niall do you and the boys wanna go to the carnival with me and the girls?' She then blushed realizing how fast she said it. 'Yea' i laughed. 'How about you boys you wanna go?' I said. 'Yea but wait which girls are going?' Zayn said. 'Umm Amber, Perrie, Kyra, Abbi, and Myranda said. 'Yesss! We WILL GO WITH YOU!!' Said the boys. The girls walked up 'Niall, Myranda arent you suppose to be in mr. Sanchez classroom catching-up' Abbi said winking at Myranda. Myranda rolled her eyes, trying to hide her blushing 'yea i guess, come on Niall before we get introuble.' Myranda said. My question is what the hell was that all about? Ill assk her later. Wait what if Myranda likes me? Nah she couldn't like me besides I wanna see what happens tonight. 

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