its complicated

a girl that fell for somebody she though she never fall for, even if the world depended on it she says. It starts when kelly and niall brake up at this party, myranda gets put in the middle of it. Myranda has a crush on niall but niall doesnt know that. But theres a slight problem niall has feelings for myranda too. Will myranda forgive him? How will they react when they find out they like each other? How will they both react? Who knows read, to find out...


7. not a chapter sorry..

so im going over this story and editing it... so if some parts are messed up sorry.. but tell me what you think so far.... so yea.. also im babysitting and my brother lost my phone so i have no way of writing... the only time i have to write is at school.. and i may also be hanging out with my boyfriend sometimes

but this is just a heads up

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