its complicated

a girl that fell for somebody she though she never fall for, even if the world depended on it she says. It starts when kelly and niall brake up at this party, myranda gets put in the middle of it. Myranda has a crush on niall but niall doesnt know that. But theres a slight problem niall has feelings for myranda too. Will myranda forgive him? How will they react when they find out they like each other? How will they both react? Who knows read, to find out...


5. class

Myranda pov: Half hour went by, and then i was finished writing i realized that Niall was staring at me, and working, so i kept pretending to work. But for the truth i just kept staring back at him, until he was done and we were gunna leave. Though i really dont think he likes me. I think he only sraing at me cause he thinks that something is wrong or something i dont know. Niall pov: I finished working ten minutes after being in here so.i pretended to work and i stared at Myranda.. twenty munutes later shes done but she realizes im staring at her i though she was gunna panick so i looked down. Then after that she was staring at me, while pretending to work i stood up. Put my things together, showed my paper to mr. Sanchez. Myranda did the same we got in her car. It seemed though that she was happy i wonder why... hmm. Maybe Ill ask her later
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