its complicated

a girl that fell for somebody she though she never fall for, even if the world depended on it she says. It starts when kelly and niall brake up at this party, myranda gets put in the middle of it. Myranda has a crush on niall but niall doesnt know that. But theres a slight problem niall has feelings for myranda too. Will myranda forgive him? How will they react when they find out they like each other? How will they both react? Who knows read, to find out...


1. bad day

Myranda pov: "MYRANDA WAKE UP RIGHT NOW!" "Why?" "You have school" my father said. "Fine" i said. My name is Myranda Cortez my use to be bestfriend is Niall Horan. Your probably asking why use to be? Well he broke up with his girlfriend this past friday, at this party i was at so yea. He brought me into it so im no longer talking to him. Anyways i have two other siblings a bro and a sis. But i got up brushed my hair and put on a tshirt and a pair of blue jeans. I ran down stairs and grabbed my sweater. Then i slid on grabbed my purse, toms, car keys and sunglasses. Here goes nothing and i walked out to my car, while on my way to school, i think about whats going to happen, nothing bad i hope.. then when i arrived at school, I went to the tree i usually sat under in the morning. "hey Myranda, I was wond-" "what do you want Niall? I thought i said i didn't want to talk to you no more." I said. "well that answers my question, and I'm sorry okay, forgive me?" Niall says, i sigh and then look at him "fine one condition though" "ughh WHAT is it this time?" "I'm hurt and no more bringing me into your girl problems, okay?" "okay" Niall says. We sit and talk for the next fifteen minutes before school starts. When we were about to go in the bell rings, me and Niall look at each other then, put everything into out bags before running to class and find the other four boys sitting at their desks already. I giggle and go sit in my desk in front of them, Niall sits in his seat by the boys, then the second bell rings and the teacher comes in. He tells us all to sit down and starts to gives a speech about the paper we are currently writing, the part is that im already bored. I still don't know how I should ask the boys to come with me and the girls tonight, maybe i could tell Niall how feel but what if he doesn't feel the same.

"of course he doesn't like you"

i'm starting to hate this voice in my head, its always bringing me down, not only that but its really starting to affect everything that's going on around me. Just like my school work, i wouldn't be surprise if i end up doing something later or if i bump into somebody while walking but then that would have been really embarrassing, i just hope I do its somebody that's not going to try and start anything cause if they do its going to just get me into more trouble. And my dad said if i get into trouble one more time he's grounding me and taking my video games away, I'm trying to tell him to take my phone instead I need my games. But then again i see why hes taking my games instead of my phone, cause you see I'm a gamer and I feel like i can't live without my games. I really don't care about my 

A/N- sorry about the short chapter i am redoing every chapter so umm yea.. but please comment, like favorite and what not okay thank you 


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