Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


3. Why am i even here?

~~"Leave" I shouted at them but they all just laughed at me Luke walked over to me snatching the guitar from my grasp i lunged forward to get it back but i just a face full of carpet. Luke then snapped, yes snapped my guitar in half! What do they want now they had there fun today why are they in my house? I pulled myself up using my weak arms, my arms were weak from the bat they used on me but i managed to hoist myself up. Right now i wanted to run straight into my brother arms but i knew i had to face them myself and solve my own problems without getting people involved because that would make matters ten times worse... I looked at all there smug faces taking in every detail but really why were they here? "What do you want" I didn't look at them when i said it why should i be polite? Anna pointed at Hannah and told her to give her something and i spotted they were tablets? Anna joined me on my bed and held the pills right up to my face. "Take these and then you would have to deal with us everyday, you could be happy" They all smirked and i full well know what they mean but 'you wouldn't have to deal with us everyday.' If i take those pills they will kill me.

"No I'm not taking drug! Just get out of my house!" I pushed Anna off my bed but i knew that was a bad idea but Luke approached me still his hands full of my now broken guitar. Luke threw the remains of my guitar at me, there going to leave a mark but i've had worse from them but i didn't know what was going to happen next because Luke lunged for me punches throw at me hitting me all over my body. I couldn't even gasp for air i was really struggling. "Don't. touch. my. girl. and. take. the. pills. before. i. force. them. down. you. throat." Luke gritted his teeth and his hand had a tight grasp on my arm as his nails dug further and further into my unflattering skin. I didn't reply. I didn't look at them. i didn't cry. i just sat there. That's when Lucy walked up to me pinning my neck up to the wall strangling me.

I wanted to laugh. They all surrounded me and threw punches at me once again but i think i blacked out in the middle of it but right now i want to curl up into a ball and stay like that for the rest of my life. That's when i heard a voice coming from Brad's room. "little Simpson are you okay in there?" it was Tris all of the gang looked at my with death gesturing me to say im fine. "I-im fine!" I tried to sound a bit happier but my stuttering annoyed the gang and i got another punch right in the gut and i yelped out but my mouth was cover by Michael, they all hoped know of them heard me.

"Come lets go before they suspect anything" Anna took lead and walked out of my room, i heard the front door slam shut and i just fell to my knees sobbing quietly. I went into my bathroom suite and decide to wash my smudged make up off my face, after i wash it of i took a long hard look at myself in the mirror. What have i done to deserve this? Why do i even bother sometime maybe i should take those pills... What am i think that a stupid idea why am i even thinking about this! I looked away from the mirror making myself look present able for the boys so they wouldn't know what just cracked off in my room. I walked out of my bathroom suite, out of my room, down the hall and into Brad's room where is was greeted by my only friends.

"Connor im sorry for snapping early" so i decide to say sorry to Con because it made me feel guilty for taking out some of my anger out on Con because he doesn't deserve it. "Its okay, i know your always sorry there is no need for you to say it" Con smiled at me and hugged me but he touched one of the places where i had been punches making me wince back breathing through my teeth. "Mini are you okay?" James asked but i was fine the pain will wear off. "Yeah im fine just fell I over" That was the most awful excuse ever but the guy brought it. "Maddie we have figured out the plan for our first single video!" Brad smiled showing his teeth and held up a book in his hands and it was a written plan out of the video, the video was going to be a house party that sounded cool even though i was quite sure what happens at a house party because i have never been to one.

I walked over to Brad snuggling into his chest and taking the book that he had in his hands, "Maddie get your own book! where is you new book?" My book? My book! It was one of the books the gang had ripped up! But what do i tell Brad? "Its- some where..." I had no idea what to say... "Mads you left it with me remember, Connor walked over to his bag pulling the same book! The fault in our stars! Con handed me the book and winked at me. "Cheers Con" I half smiled. I have never full smiled since. Well never... I put the book in front of me i looked at Con and mouthed thanks and he mouth back something i could deal with, 'Your telling me why you books were in shreds later!' Why could he just leave it, i don't want to talk to anybody it because they cant do anything about it so i don't see why Con is even trying because he should well full know he is getting nothing out of me.

"How about we watch a movie? Anybody up for lord of the rings!" James shot up say and pushed the dvd in before anybody could object but we went with it. "Im going to get some drinks" Tris spoke up and Brad decide to join his but then Brad forced 'eyes glued to the screen' James to help them. When they were out of the room me and Connor looked at each other confused and the guys action. But i decide to climb over to Con and sit on him just for some fun. "Mads get off meeee!" Connor yelled and he stared to tickle me where as everybody know im like the ticklish person in the world.. "Con- Connor Ball- stop it-" I screamed that when i heard a moaning sound come from.. MY MUM AND DAD'S BEDROOM, GROSS! I looked horrified at Con and we bursted out laughing at the moans and grunts coming from my parents room, it was so disturb! But me and Con decide to copy them just for a joke to fool the guys that were having sex, it was genius! "Madsss! OMG" Con yelled as he pushed me so he was on top of me. "Con- stop" After i said that a huge grunt followed from the other room and me and Con started to laugh once again. But after all the laughs we shared we looked at each other, he searched in my eyes and started to LEAN DOWN WTF!? My stomach is doing summersaults. But somebody bursted through the door.

"GET OFF MY SISTER!" Brad peeled Con off me and looked mad but i could help it any loner i just started laughing. "We thought you were having sex you should off heard it down stairs!" Tris giggled. "We decide to trick you guys i guess it worked them" But the end of my sentence everybody was on the floor with laughing fits!

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