Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


5. The Talk.

~~Standing at the gates. Yes one more day at the most horrible-est school in the world, also i haven't forgot about what Ashton had said, remember... 'the talk' more like the killing. But i guess you have just have to get on with life like the rest of everybody in the world right now im walking up to the main bit of the school to go to my locker. I have my earphones in blasting Troye sivan's new song in my ears, then it hit me like a ton of bricks, that song represents the situation im in, with the pills its true the pills could take me away from this horror story of mine. Anyway back to school, first i have Art with Mrs Holly, i love Art very much but one problem, Anna, Luke, Hannah and Calum were in my class and they always come over to me and ruin my work so id have to start all over again...

That's when i was take out of my thoughts but id fallen on the floor backwards with my head smashing on to the concrete, with now my head throbbing i looked up to see who id bashed into, i held my head barely able to move and saw. Ashton. "Found you!" he smirked, this boy cant stop smirking i wish i could swipe it off his face for good but you know i haven't got the guts because im worthless. "leave me alone" i coughed out and i gradually pulled my self off the floor and turned away from Ashton hurrying away from him. But i got yanked back... "Your coming with me for our little chat, well are tiny chat" Then he winked at me, what does he mean by that? He pulled me through the gardens and we got all stares from. literally EVERYBODY. He pulled me through the doors and into a closet not far from my class.

"let me go, what do you want with me! Just beat me to death and get it over with it" I shouted but i just got his hand put over my mouth gesturing me to shut up. "Shut up and kiss me!" i couldn't say anything this he smashed his lips on to mine making me gag in disgust, i used all my strength to try and push me off but he just wouldn't budge! But then i managed to get a breath and speak a couple words. "GET OFF ME YOU FREAK!" i want to cry. i want my brother. i want my friends: James: Tristan and Connor. oh i wish i could be with them right now but im not... Then Ashton went back in and slid in tongue in, i physically want to be sick. As i thought it couldn't get any worst and hand slid on to my thigh making its way higher and higher up till i want to scream and die. You basically don't want to know where his hand had been and to be honest i don't ever in my life time remember it.

"Meet me after school" with that Ashton walked away with out saying another word or other that, letting me say another work...  i walked out of the closet (AHAAAAA. no.) and i began walking down the halls nobody was in the hallways because they were all in class. So i decide to skip class to spare me the looks from everybody when i walked into the room. I made my way into the dinner hall and sat down thinking. Why do i have to live with this horrible life style. why me? why cant i have a better life with a loving family, more friends. but. no. God doesn't want that for me and i don't know why... that's when the bell rang for lunch and everybody rushed out of class eyeing me on the way into the dinner hall. I decide i wasn't hungry so i just sat there looking down at the table minding my own business when i get a huge plate of spaghetti chucked all over me, all in my hair, all over my clothes!

"My bad." There stood Viv with a waist held tight by Michael. Viv flipped her hair showing her sassy side, but to be honest she looked like a weirdo... "erk leave me alone." i got up on off my seat still covered in the horrible spaghetti and stood face to face with Viv, i looked in her eyes for a second and then i decide to go to the bathroom and tidy my self up but on the way i banging into Viv sending her over and she looked very VERY angry at me. Great. "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH MY GIRL AGAIN!" Michael screamed at me and he suddenly took a hold of my wrist and pulled me out of the dinner hall, down the halls and into the boys bathroom, luckily no boys where in there.

he pushed me into one of the stalls and started shouting at me. "YOUR A WORTHLESS BITCH!" i didn't pull a face neither did i fight back, this has to be the worst day ever. I got punch in the stomach, face, anywhere you just name it. when Michael was finished i was a lifeless human on the floor letting out no emotions at all. Michael was exhausted when he was finished with me and he just let me lying on the floor.

"Hello?" I spoke down the phone.
"Mads? aren't you spouse to be at school, not on you phone?" He spoke.
"pick me up. please. now." I cried silently as i said it and Connor spoke up fast, firing questions at me.
"Yes of course what happened are you okay? ill come now..." I nodded and then i relished Connor couldn't see me so...
"thank you, hurry up please." I hung up on Connor pulling my self off the floor, i wobbled out of the stall, out of the boy bathroom, through the halls, to the front of the school where i saw a worried looked Connor sitting on one of the chair at the reception.

His eyes were full of worry and he soon jumped out of me seat asking me whats wrong. "Mads are you okay?" Connor hugged me in the process "No, please just take me away from this place, please!" i pleaded and Connor leaded me out of reception and in to the car park where i saw a taxi (because Con cant drive yet.) We jumped in the taxi and i was way from the horror school... But now i got to explain it ALL to Connor well he better think twice if he thinks im telling him.


We were now at Connor's house and he soon made me feel like i was at home, i looked around a room i presumed it was his because guitars and bass's were scattered all over the wall and i also spotted an All time low poster just near by the door. I was sat on Connor's bed and then i gave in and just let my back fall and now my whole body was resting on the bed. Connor was down stairs probably telling the boys i was here but that's okay but still its not okay they will all be asking questions and im NEVER EVER telling them about me or my life there can all just mind there own business and forget about me and my stupidity. "So Mads ive rang Brad to come over, is that okay?" Connor he is always so gentle because he always hates it either me and one of the boys are bad at him, he is just so innocent. "Yeah that's fine but could you not ask me question about today i just want to forget it, it was just some people having a laugh with there mates and decide to play a prank on me but its alright now they apologized. My friends were there to help me clear the mess over me but its okay now ill just ovoid them seriously it was nothing..." I hate lying... my 'friends' i have no friends except from these guys but i still feel like they have to be friends with me because there in my brothers band...

I'm sorry if this is crap but its just a filter, sorry im really bad at stories ive tried so many time to write a good one but they all turn out boring and terrible...

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