Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


10. The Promotion.

 I grabbed my suitcase from the rotating conveyor belt slowing placing the case on the airports floor, I held the suitcases handle in one hand and my phone in another I was tying rapidly texting my boss that i am now in New York city, yes im in flipping New York Baby! Okay sorry about that sudden excitement that took over me there... I looked up and saw a coffee shop and decided it was time for a sit down and coffee, I dragged the jam packed suitcase behind me stuffing my phone in my pocket. I walked to the front of the coffee shop and joined the line waiting for my turn, I waited but while i was waiting I looked at the menu plastered above the cashiers head. The line kept moving forward until i was right as the front and asked what i would like.

"Could i get a coffee iced tea please" I asked politely to the cashier and she nodded placing my order, as i gave her the money she spoke up "I guess you have come from Britain! I've always wanted to go there!" Her accent stood out, a thick American accent! I smiled at her "Yeah its lovely over there you should pack your bags right now!" I laughed at my speech and she joined in the laughed soon handing my iced tea, i thanked her and set off to where i was suppose i was next to go. I sipped my iced tea slowly walking through the terminal and working my way through people and trying to find an exit, I searched and searched and couldn't find an exit so i decided i would ask somebody. I walked over to a people also sipping a drink slowly but he was hold a camera in the other hand balancing it.

"Excuse me but do you know where an exit is?" I caught his attention and his blue hair stood out the most and i laughed because we had the same coloured hair, yes im that weird. He smiled and showing his dimple on one side of his cheek, he nodded and started to speak "Its right over there" he pointed to one side of me "Btw loving the hair" He winked and i chuckled a bit thinking the same thing. His eyes went wide when he spotted one of my bags that had canon plastered over it. "Omg are you a photographer too!? I need another photographer for a shoot im doing do you have any space free for tomorrow i could really use you help!" Him smile went brighter and so did mine, "Yes i am and if you want me to i mean im not the best but i could sure pop down and help out!" He nodded and asked for my phone number to text me the details about the shoot tomorrow, i gave him my phone and we swapped numbers. I said thank you for giving me directions and i walked off waving to him as i walked further away from him, i've only just got into America and im already getting jobs, it must be my luck week or something!

As i finally walked out of the crowed airport i looked around for a free taxi to take to the place i am staying at, my boss said its right in the heart of new York so i was looking forward to see all the beautiful huge buildings! I saw a taxi in the corner of my eye and rushed over to it before anyone else could get to it, i jumped into the back of the taxi and told the taxi driver the coordinates to the place i was staying at. It was about a half an hour drive because of all the busy traffic into New York but i finally made it to the place i was staying at, it was a huge 5 star hotel it was beautiful and very fancy looking, i don't deserve this just look at this place!

I thanked the taxi driver and handed him a 5 dollar bill thanking him for driving me, he got out of the taxi and opened to boot of the car grabbing my suitcases and passing them to me, i thanked him once again. I walked on to the path and saw the entrance to the big beautiful fancy build, There was a door man staring there and he opened the doors for me, i gave him a thankful smile and took some steps into the hotel, i saw another man that asked for my luggage to put on my cart to take to my room. I gladly gave him my luggage and started to follow him to the front desk, he waited for my as i checked in, I was pasted a card and the man took a glimpse at the number and started to walk beckoning me to follow him. As we when in the elevator and finally reaching the floor i was on, we walked down the corridor and reached my door i opened it to see a huge cream room right in front of me with a flowers on and table and two sofas, there was even more rooms but im explore later. I looked to the man and he put my bags on the floor, i thanked him giving my a tip for his help.

He left my room and i fell right on to the sofa resting my legs off the edge of the sofa, I look at the sealing for a couple of minutes until i decided to explore my huge hotel room. I walked to two huge white wooden doors and pushed them open to reveal a huge queen sized bed right in the middle of the room, the covered were flower patterns. The room smelt of vanilla and i started to dance around the room and i entered up back in the living room and unpacking my camera and taking the picture of the rooms trying to perfect my skills for the shoot tomorrow and that reminds me i need to text that guy, that i don't know the name off.... im an idiot i should of asked but i checked my contacts and he put his name as blue haired twin and i just laughed it off.

I texted him saying 'Hey, can you text me the details now possibly?" I put my phone down but i soon got a reply saying "yeah sure! Its at Coney island beach ill send a car if you send me where you're staying and its at 12:00am so be ready!" I replied sending my details of where i am staying to him. It was getting dark so i chose to jump into bed and have a good night sleep before this big shoot tomorrow! I took off my clothes and slipped on my pj's jumping into my bed taking in the scent of vanilla again, until the darkness took over me sending me into a deep, deep sleeping!

So who has guess how its the photographer, i know its pretty obvious but if you don't know then you will find out in the next chapter. Sorry if this chapter wasn't the best but to be honest non of my chapters are good, im trying my hardness to make it interesting and im still trying to find that out at school.. I've got the highest level in my class but it doesn't mean im good.... I sounded a bit big headed them but i swear im not!

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