Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


12. Sweaty Palms.

~~I picked myself up not even looking at James, James offered to help me but i refused. I turned to walk away when i was grabbed on the wrist by James, I took one glimpse at him at send him to message to let me go but he just squinted him eyes at me examing me questionly. I gritted my teeth and quickly yanked my arm away making James speak up. "Hey, I am really sorry if i've annoyed you! What's you name?" That caught my attention and then i realised, he didn't know who i was, have i really changed that much? I spent most of my life around James but for him to not recognise me that's a bit stretched... I smirked and turned back to James seeing him looking innocent and confused, I took a few step toward him and taking a quite deep breath trying to built up the courage to speak to him.

Yes this sounds pathetic and strange, i know James wasn't the one who hurt me it was my own brother but non of the boys decided to contact me or even see me off when i left my hell of a home, my parents you should of seen there smug, pleased faces. All i wanted to do it slap it right of there face but i could never defend myself or even built up the courage to confront them, Brad well he was out, he couldn't watch me leave he has a guilty concuss on his back letting his little sister defend for herself when he had the perfect life traveling to play concerts and having the 3 most best friends in the world. Me. I never had that. But i will tell you another time. "No its fine, i-i just like to defend for myself, i've just learn to be independent for myself. oh and my name i-is um-"

But i didn't finish because i just pulled away from James to now be standing in front of Dean saying that is time to start for the shoot. We made our way to where were suppose to be taking pictures of the Band, but i soon felt my palms getting and i soon started to panic but i panicked inside, weird right? That's when i saw them, James, Tristan, Connor and Brad... That's when i shot my head down and walked behind Dean trying to hide my figure behind him. The equipment was already set up and ready to be used, Dean instructed i should stand next to him I was still looking down and nodded taking a few steps away from him and i started to occupied myself using my finger to fiddle around with. Luckily they didn't really seem to make any notice of me, i bet now because there all huge mega stars there all snobby, well Brad was anyway its only now i've realized.

Dean kept telling the boys to do all kind of poses and then they just messed around taking the mick and i just started to laugh under my breath and also a man at the side chuckled at them boys too, the man walked over to Dean patting him on the shoulder and whispered something in his ear. "Okay Joe" Dean turned to 'Joe' that just took a few steps back watching the boys once again. "Right boys, Connor piggy back on Tris" He instructed "Brad and James just wait a second" I just watched Connor climb on Tristan's back and Con then decided he wanted to look cool and chilled so he just acted like a model and when Dean finally snapped the picture Con broke out in a fit of laugher. So after a few shots Dean actioned me over to him and i proceeded, i made my way up to him he stepped away from the camera telling me i should take some, i nodded and started to set up the right angle and filter i wanted. Dean took the role with Joe to put the boys in positions and how to look, i took him good pictures and when i was finally done i smiled and stepped away from the camera thanking Dean for the opportunity. 

"Maddie could I talk to you for a minute Joe rushed over to me asking and that's when i panicked did the boys jut hear my name, i god damn hope now, i shot quickly around looking at the boys seeing them lost in conversation and fit of laughter and i mentally punched the air thanking the lord. I looked back the Joe and he passed me a camera. "Maddie could you possible take some behind the scene footage of the boys for their YouTube channel?" Joe lifted his arm and motioned it towards the boys beckoning them over, suddenly my palms once again got sweaty and i started to feel very hot all of a sudden. Please don't say my name, please don't say my name. "Boys well Mims here will be taking behind the scene footage for you" THANK GOD. I swear today i have a guardian angel, i don't even know...

"Yeah, Yeah that's fine loving the hair by the way" Connor smiled but i kept my head down lightly so they could see my face full on because if i did that they may recognise me i don't know im not taking any chances anyway... They walked in front of me and i followed them lifting the camera to my face recording them walked and that's when Tris saw me recording and started to speak to the camera, god i love cameras they keep my face hidden from the boys. "Hey, so we are behind the scene of our new single 'Oh Cecilla' Let me just say it has been so fun recording this video with all the actors helping us and the awesome piece of Tec that helped us film the up above parts." Bradley butted in, "Yes but i wasn't a fan of getting in the water, it was freezing! But the funny part about being in the water was that our make up artist had a empty suitcase on set and we kind of used it to be out luggage we get washed up on the beach with..." Connor and James were chatting still facing away from the camera and then Brad rushed over to Tris grabbing a hold of him slapping him bum for a joke. Bromance right there.

"Hello its Davey Jones, today has been a very hot and sunny day. Hot yes Hot..." I was so confused why is Connor acting to be somebody called Davey Jones? "I guess you just got a weather update with the one and only Davey Jones right here!" James laugh show him perfect straight teeth that im totally jealous off. "Hey Mims, Take a shot of us looking sexy, even though we always are anyway!" Typically Brad, James lifted his top up slightly showing his perfectly toned chest and biting his lip, Connor took off his t-shirt and flexing his arms like usain bolt. Bradley dropped his hip sticking it out and winking and Tristan well he leaded a elbow on Brad shoulder bring his leg to the side of Brad. I took the shot and dropped to the floor laughing my ass off, i was laughing that hard i got stiches! My eyes were closed but i could feel a presents above me but i laughed and laughed and laugh until it was finally over, i opened my eyes to see all the boys staring at me in disbelief with their eyes popped out of the heads.

I stopped laughing and quickly got up of the sand and hid my face rushing away from the boys, i let my guard down now look at what i have done, okay i admit it i miss these four idiots they made my life worth living. They make me laugh and smiled even with me having to put up with...yanno.... seeing them not in my life just shows how much i need them and miss them. They are apart of me that i need, no matter how much i hate them for the past, the past is the past, this is not the present id best get my life back on track. I turned back around seeing the boys not that far id hardly moved to be honest, I slowly lifted up my head and put a slight smile on my face taking a few low steps towards them. They were still standing there in disbelief, i tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. "Maddie!" Bradley spoke up. "Mads" Connors eyes started to sweal with tears of joy. "Mini" James took a step forward first pulling him into a huge heart walming hug. "Little Simpson your okay!" Tristan them joined the hug, then Connor and Brad broke down in tear completely changing his attitude a minute ago, he finally joined in the hug squeezing the life out of me.

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