Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


11. Photo Shoot That Turned Into A Disaster.

~~"Hello again it is great to see you again!" I got pulled into a huge hug by the man again maybe i should ask him name this time to be polite... "Nice to see you too...." I tried to make him imply his name, "Dean, Dean Sherwood" He held out his hand letting me take it and shake it up and down gently. He took his hand out of my grasp and he ruffled with his bright blue hair and i decided to do the same, he laughed at my actions and i just broke down laughing so hard you don't even know! After mine and Dean's copy cat minute or so we started to walk to a tent that was quite big but a cosy tent, inside was loads of photographer equipment, i urged my equipment forwards catching Dean's eyes. "We will use you stuff but i want to show you some tips about the lighting and how to get it perfect, im not saying yours is not good!" He quickly said after the first bit and he bit his lips. "No, no i get where your coming from! Just to inform you I've only been doing photography for a couple months!" I get him a cheesy grin and he looked at me shocked at my words.

"You only done it for a couple months! Gesh i looked at your work yesterday and there absolutely stunning i thought you had probably doing it longer than me!" Dean held his hand on his heart and then grabbed a camera of the table. "How about we go into the jungle and take some photos, i saw a beautiful lake not that far! Just so you can give me tips and i can give you some!" I nodded and grabbed some equipment of the table to help Dean out and i also carried mine too, We walked across the sandy beach into the thick jungle that stood in front of us. As we trekked further into the jungle i spotted a reflection on the rocks until i realised it was the lake that has reflecting the shimmering water. "Wow this is so beautiful back in England there is nothing like this!" My mouth was a jar and Dean laughed but i didn't know why?

"Maddie you silly, i know that i do come from Britain" He belted out a huge laugh and I quickly slapped my self in the face relishing he was right, i feel so stupid now, omg. "Wow, now i feel dumb..." I still help my hand over my face as i peered through my fingers to the rocks below, Dean couldn't stop laughing so i just stayed looking at the floor very, very embarrassed. "Anyway moving swiftly on Maddie could you just grab me those camera lens?" Still looking at the floor i moved my hand away from my face picking up the camera lens, i shuffled over to Dean dropping the lens into his hand. As a couple seconds pasted a wave washed over me and i didn't feel so embarrassed so i just picked my head up and decided to set up my camera too.

While i got the right focus on my camera and setting it up in the perfect stop just so you could see the reflection off the water, I click the button on the camera and took the picture. Dean soon rushed over after a couple of minutes and we shared pictures saying what we could of done better and what we like about it, right now i feel like im back at school doing stuff like that! "Whoa these are just amazing! and you said you haven't been doing photography long, it must be in your blood or something?" But i disagreed with him. "No, Mum and Dad well they don't talk to me anymore and then both work in offices doing nothing really and for... doesn't matter" I stopped and that made Dean give me a questioning look, looks like he really wants to know the full details. "Oh look at the time we'd better head back before they get angry at me and throw a Swedish fish at me...long story..." on the other hand i looked puzzled towards him but then i started to walk back the beach. 

I kicked at the sand as Dean trailed behind me flicking through his pictures on his camera, That when i realised i didn't recognise any of the surrounding... "Dean where do we go next?" He finally looked up from his camera and looked around and suddenly his face fell. "Erm i don't know?" He then pulled out his phone and dialled a number. "Yeah hey, we are kind of lost do you think you could possible find a way to get us back to the beach..?" and then i heard a muffled voice from the other side of the phone. "Yeah that might work now do it!" Straight after Dean hung up we hear loud screams and shout in one direction so we took that direction, me and Dean jogged off towards the screaming people.

I bumped into one or two tree on the way but im okay, dean and i decided to walk a bit now because we were on the right track this is when i took the opportunity to ask dean about this whole shoot. "Dean who exactly are we shooting because you haven't really told me anything..." He smirked and started to talk. "Well its four lads and you will soon find out who they are i mean everybody knows them i cant see where you could go wrong!" He jumped slightly to let the equipment that was falling off him shoulder to hold back in place again. "Also we will be filming for there dvd!" He smiled showing his teeth and carried on walking, i walked thinking who these people could be! I have never worked with anybody famous before!

We trekked further, god how far did we walk?  I saw an opening and i literally ran straight towards it pushing past Dean nearly making him tumble onto the floor, I looked back to see if he was okay but he is just gaining his balance back. I neared the opening when i bumped into somebody sending me fly in the air, the other person groan and that was when i blacked out...


"Is she okay?" I person frantically asked pacing back and forth (i could hear there foot steps.) "She is fine, she just going knocked out, you really need to be carefully Jems!" I heard Deans voice spoke to the other person. "Hey! Don't call me Jems and she was on the one running really fast, i didn't even see her through the jungle so how am i suppose to be careful?!" He argued back, "Well you could say the same for her, she could see either through the thick jungle could she, we were lost for quite a while you know, i guessed she hates because trapped and lost." The man grunted at Dean, i think after that he walked out because i heard ruffs and his footsteps stop. "Maddie i know your awake..." I heard dean say and i shot my eyes open, "Oh hey..." I tugged on my lips using my teeth and decided to get off this uncomfortable sofa type thing? I walked to the exit and walked out of the tent, yes it was like a tea pee kind of thing...

That's when i got knocked down...AGAIN..."I am so so so so sorry!" My eyes were closed and i was holding my head because i wacked my head on something on the way down. "Its okay" I opened one eye and looked up, No i can't be well what was i expecting... there were in America and so was i. It was James.

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