Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


4. Gym Situation.

~~"Bye Brad ill see you later!" I shouted from downstairs because later im seeing the boys at the recording studio but firstly i've got to get to work, i work at the gym and im not surprised if i see James there today. I started to walk down the street and then i decide to put my ear phones on and i settled on the song 'I miss you' by Blink-182 that song is probably one of my favourite song of all my life time. Well yesterday when we finished our laughing fits we all calmed down and carried on watching lords of the rings but i think James got to much into it because he kept doing the 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS' thing over and over again... i think i nearly ripped all my hairs out. I was taken out of my thoughts when i approached the gym, I walked through the door and went in the back and got changed, I got to the till when i was greeted by James! "Hey Mini you on shift then!" James asked while smiled at me. "Yeah, got to sit here for 3 hours, great..." I trailed off i really didn't want to sit here for three hours to be honest i think nobody does, "Well after im done in the gym how about i fetch you a Starbucks!" I nodded and handed him a locker key to put his stuff in. "Cheer Mini ill see you later when i have done my workout" James then started to flex his muscles off smirking in the making but i just laughed at him and pushing him to the lockers.


"Here you are" James passed me my Starbucks and gladly took it off him i only had an hour till my shift was over then i could go and see the rest of the boys in the studio, it began drinking my drink when somebody i didn't want to see walked through the doors. Ashton. I kept taking to James till Ashton took his place at the reception in front of me. He looked at me with a little smirk on his face so James didn't see, "Here is your locker key" I said gritting my teeth together Ashton leaned over the desk holding my chin looking in my eyes but i refused to meet his, he growled at me and lightly dug his nails into me. "I'll see you at school, we need a chat." with the Ashton walked off i looked over at James to see him confused at what just happened but he didn't say anything about the situation, i looked at my watch to see my shift was over so i went in the back and changed out of my uniform. I walked back out and saw James had gone already, cheers for waiting for me...

James p.o.v

Whose the guy? Something didn't seem right about him and it looked like Mini didn't like him at all, it was just the look on her face that gave it away. I might tell Brad about this and see what he says about the situation, enough about that and more about the studio, me and lads have got to shoot the video next week so its time to hit the studio to perfect the song! Its going to be great fun shooting my first music video im bursting with excitement and im glad i can share this with the boys, And i hope this is not the end when it has just started and i wish we have a success-ing future ahead of us. "Hellooo" i sang it through the hallways of the studio to see if any of the boys were here, well they should be because im a tiny bit later, "In hereee!" i heard Brad singing, typical. I walked to where Brad sang from and i walked in to see just Brad, guess the others are not here or getting food, typical. I need to stop saying typical... Should i tell Brad about what happened at the gym? i don know if i should i mean it could be just a one of thing because Mini might have fallen out with that boy but i don't know.

"Brad." I said straight away not hesitating or anything, i met his eyes and he spoke up. "yes what's up, you don't sound as happy as you were singing just a minute ago?" should i tell him or not? Its his sister so id better. "Well you know i saw Mini at the gym, well i sat taking to her for a couple minutes before i headed of the go to the studio and a boy came in and Mini didn't look so happy when she saw him, he walked up to her and forced her to look at him and said 'we need a chat, ill see you at school' and he walked of with a smug face." i looked at him confused about the situation but Brad looked more confused then i was and i saw the whole thing happen right before my eyes. "Well Maddie has never say anything about school or anybody there so i wouldn't know but by the sounds of this we need to figure it out and found out what's happening because my mind is completely blank so..." He took his lips to the side while his head was thinking hard. he looked so stupid. Haha.

"Brad why don't we just ask Mini i mean she probably only had a fall out or something?" I said grabbing my phone and dialling Mini's number and Brad nodded while i was doing the process. "Hey what you doing?" Connor then walked in the room, he probably tell were confused by Brad weird face he was pulling. Brad pulled Connor to the side to explain the weird situation meanwhile the phone go picked up. "Hey im walking now im not fa-" i cut her off. "What did that Boy mean in the gym? Why does he want a chat with you? Why did you look angry and scared when he walked in?" I shot questions at her consecutively wanting an answer so we could all stop being all confused,
"It was nothing, he was just having a laugh with me" I heard he laugh but i was a weird one to be honest it sounded like when something has gone wrong and your trying to laugh it off.  "Are you sure its just we are looking for you" she laughed properly this time. "Yes Dad.." i heard her voice rattle through the phone and i heard it in person, i guess she is here then. i hung up and popped my head out of the studio door.

"Were here Mini!" i once again sang, me and my singing. Jeez. She ran up to the door and pass me into the room, i turned myself around to see Connor and Brad sat on the sofa but no sign of Tris or even Joe? "Erm guys, where is like, the rest of us?" I used my arm to project on what i was saying. "Oh they are getting Tris Drum kit" Oh yeah silly me i forget about the equipment some times... "I cant wait to hear this i've been waiting so long!" Mini squealed/scream. Seriously that girl need to calm the frick down! (i say in a SASSY voice.) Mini was chatting to Connor while i decided to go and have another swift chat with Brad. "Hey has she said anything? you know?" But Brad shook his head and shrugged. Then Tris and Joe finally decide to join us...

"Hey sorry we were-" Tris started. "were getting your drum kit, yeah" I really want to get started on the recording i just can wait for the video and the future hopeful our future will be bright!

Maddie's p.o.v

'take the pills and end all this, nobody wants the here anyway you fat slag go and die just to make everybody lives better, everybody hates you.'

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