Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


2. Good Enough.

~~"Guys you were amazing, but id best get out of you way so i don't interrupt, ill see you guys later" I waved to the guys and walked out of the garage, on my way past i through my can into the bin hearing the sound of the can hitting the bottom and it ringed through my ears. As i took a firm grasp on the stairs my mum spotted me, she took one glance and didn't even ask how my day was, she doesn't care what i do at least i stay out of her way. With that i carried on walking to my bedroom with my head hung low like a dog with its tail between it back to legs. I made it to my room, grabbing my laptop and got into my bed, i scrolled down Facebook to see nothing, nobody talked to me. Nobody even tried. But on Anna status it was all about me, asking if people hate me or i should die, she got about 200 likes on ever since one. I quickly shoot my laptop and jumped off my bed walking over to my piano placed over in the corner. I stared to play, playing makes me forget everything in the world. Placing my hands on the keys i stared to play Good enough by little mix, I closed my eyes singing the lyrics.

'I am the diamond you left in the dust, I am the future you lost in the past, Seems like I never compared, Wouldn't notice if I disappeared' I sang and sang and sang, nobody bothered me. I just sang every single word with emotion not giving a care in the world.  'Am I still not good enough? Am I still not worth that much?, I'm sorry for the way my life turned out, Sorry for the smile I'm wearing now, Guess I'm still not good enough' More and more i got into the song just letting my self go, feeling the keys of the piano sink in and come out with a beautiful sound. 'You want the best, So sorry that's clearly not me, This is all I can be' singing is my life, ive always loved sing- "Why do you always sing sad song Mads?" who was that? Who always calls me Mads? Oh yeah Con! I turned to him looking him dead in the eye but i didn't reply to him why would i let him know if i wouldn't even let my own brother know. I got off my stool that belonged to my piano and i jumped back on to my bed plummeting my head into my book, but then i remembered my book was in my school bag, my bag was on my floor in the middle of my room and i could be bothered to get off my bed so i layed flat out and stretched till i got a hold of it, i pulled it towards me but all my books fell out.

"Mads what happened to your books!" Connor raced over looking at my books that were in shreds and picking them up while he questionly looked at me but i refused to tell him. "Nothing, just go away" I snatched the shreds from his hands, my voice snarled at him to stay away i got my bag and started to put all the shreds of paper back into my bag. "Mads its okay you can tell me anything!" Connor got my attention by ripping the bag away from my grasp, but im still not telling him so i don't know why he is even bothering. I went back to my bed opening my laptop back up once again. But then i snapped down in front of me and it got snatched up by Connor... "Connor give me my laptop back!" I yelled but he just looked at me blankly not saying a word. Then he walked across my room and out the door not even giving me my laptop back!

Connor's p.o.v

Yes i took her laptop, yes i cant tell her what to do but she worries me everyday, every since i came to this band the guys told me that she wasn't a lively character but there must be a reason why! I haven't know her my whole life but i've know her for about a year now, She always confuses me, she never talks about anybody at school, she never talks to her parents, the only time I see her is when were practicing or when i go up to her room. But i never know if im wanted in her room, it worries me because she is one of my best friends and i don't know how to fix her... I guess she is just having a hard time with her GCSE, but that still does explain the ripped books?

I walked down the hall back down to Brad's room where James and Tris were, i approached Brad's door and opened it, what about the laptop? I thought to myself then i spotted my bag and i slid the laptop down into my bag. "Hey Con we were just talking about our first single come on your going to miss the planning of the video!" Tris pattered down a place next to him and i walked over and took that seat next to him. The guys started saying for the video the theme should be a house party? It sounded like fun to me but that wasn't my top priority right now, at the minute i want Mads to have fun and be more, well not herself... in the end we decide we would go along with the idea of the house party, James went off with Tris to go and fetch the pizza we ordered for us all that's when i took my chance. "Brad, why is Mads always to down and singing sad song every time i see her?"  confused as i looked at Brad but- "Connor you know as much as i do i don't know why she wont tell me anything! i ask her but she snarls at me or blocks me out, Con i've tried all the boys have but nothing will work!" Brad broke down crying, he really cares about his sister and i feel really sorry for him i swear im going to find out what's wrong even if it takes me the rest of my life. i will find out.

That's when i heard a acoustic guitar playing and Brad's head shot up hearing it to- Sorry I'm not sorry for the times,I don't reply, you know the reason why, Maybe you shouldn't come back, Maybe you shouldn't come back to me, Tired of being so sad,- All the lyrics pierced through my ears and i could sense the sadness in her voice... I was shook out of my thoughts when i heard the front door being knocked on, I told Brad i would get it and i walked down stairs and answered it to be faced with a group of teenage boys and girls. "Hey we were looking for Maddie?" I recognised her! She was in a picture of Mads's but for some reason that picture was in the bin. I smiled at them and asked- "Yes she is here, but could you tell me what happened to her books?" There her school mates they should know. "S-she ripped them herself because of the stress that got to her" The girl with blonde short hair answered to be honest i don't see why she is hanging around with these people, these girl as such-such sluts to say. "oh okay she is in her room do you want me to take you to her room?" I asked maybe they could cheer her up... "yeah sure" She answered and they all entered the house i closed the door behind them and led them up to her room, i could hear laughs come from them but i took no notice. I knocked on Mads door and opened it for them, i looked at Mads, she was holding her guitar and sitting there with a book in front of her, She looked at me back and saw her friends that were behind me and they all walked into her room without saying a word to her. "They were looking for you so i let them in and ill give you your laptop back in a bit when they have left!" I spoke up a bit to her, she nodded i saw something in her eyes but i just ignored it and let her chill with her friends.

"Connor the pizza is getting cold come on!" James shouted from the side of the hall and i started to walk towards it, I sat in Brad's room scoffing pizza in my mouth when all the lads took a picture of me. on the picture my edges of my mouth were piled with Pizza sauce and we all laughed. My phone buzzed.

@TheVampsTris: Somebody loves pizza!

and the picture was attached to it. "cheers Tris" Then we started to have a laughing fit once again...

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