Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


7. Found.

~~James's p.o.v

Today i've done nothing really i just got up and had breakfast, i haven't heard from any of the boys so i guess they must be busy today or something to i've decide i should go to the gym. I grabbed my gym bag and headed out to my car, i opened the car with the keys and climbed in, i started the engine and i was off to the gym. My eyes were focused on the road on the way to the gym, i turned the ignition on and turned the corner my eyes were still on the road when i saw a girl lying in the middle of the road?! I stopped my car not far from her back and turned my car of quickly getting out to check if she was okay. "Hello are okay love?" I slowly took my approach to her but i got no response from her, i took a few step close examining her face. She looks familiar? I decide i should try again for another response and i spoke up, "Hello im here to help?" I walked around her because he back was facing me as i walked to the side of her i heard a fate voice. "James?" She knows my name? As i made my way to the front of her i looked closely and then it hit me. It was Maddie! "Omg Mini what happened!" I ran towards her worried, she looked so broken and beaten!

"Help me please" She trying to pull her self off the floor but she ended groaning in pain and lying back on the concrete ground. "Ill take you home" but she soon spoke up hastily "No please don't, i-i don't want to see Brad he will just make thing ten times worst please?"  i nodded at her and slowly pushed my hands under her trying to cradle her in my arms, as i got grip on her i gently lifted her up so i wouldn't hurt her but i got a lot of groans and moans come from her, what happened and who did this to her!? I sprang to my feet, running towards my car, i opened the car door to the back seat and very complicatedly got her lying on the back seat. I then jumped into the drivers seat and sped off toward mine house, guess no gym for me today...


"Mum can you help me it urgent!" I grabbed my mum's arm and pulled her through the hall and out the front door towards my car, I yanked her to look at the backseat where layed poor hurt Mini. My mum's eyes lit up in worry and immediately started helping me get Mini out the car safely. "Maddie honey what happened should we take you to the hospital sweetie?" My mum softly spoke to her to sooth her but Mads eyes filled with worry and she shook her head. "Please don't take me to the hospital, ill be fine." She totally blacked out the first question my mum asked her but my mum didn't seem to notice, while we helped Maddie inside he step up the stairs up the stair case and in to my room where we layed her on it making her comfy as possible. "Mini What happened?!" The worry raised in my voice, right now she should be in a hospital bed but when she was lying on the road no blood was on her?

Now as i see her face more clearly her cheeks are stained with black makeup and her hair was all over the place, Her clothes were ripped and there was some red marks on her neck. "A-Ashton happened." What that kid hurt her? "What did he do though-" i immediately got cut off. "Nothing." no emotion came out of the word. "If you wont tell me what happened with that kid, what happened between you and Brad? Why don't you want to see him?" I confusedly stood at the foot of my bed with Mini attempted to lean forwards but pain shot through she sending her back lying on my bed. "We just had a fall out that's all" But of course i wasn't going to believe that i mean Mini has never been angry at Brad, Ever Brad is all she has! "Mini im not stupid it was something more then a little fall out." I heard a knock at my bedroom door and walked in my sister with two cups of tea's firmly grasped in her hands. "Here James" She Stretched out her arms motioning me to take the tea's from out of her hands and i grabbed the tea's placing them on the side table thanking my sister before she left the room. "Mini what did Ashton do to you!" I started to get a bit annoyed, not in a angry way, im just being me, im very protective of the ones i love. "NOTHING JUST DROP IT!" she shouted shooting up facing me quickly but it soon followed with a huge scream from her in pain and i spirited to her side.

"Mini were going to the hospital." Maddie got more and more angry as i attempted to get her into my grasp. "No please!" She wriggled in my grip making it hard to hurt her. "Well if you wont tell me the hospital will and then ill ring Brad!" Yes, that was cold i know but that is the only way im going to find out the fricken true! "F-fine" She started to whimper and cry, i put her down and backed away grabbing the tea again and placing one in the hands of Mads. I climbed in the opposite side of the bed Mini was on and i turned to her ready for the true. "W-well A-ashton r-r-" She didn't finished before she said

"I cant say" and then she full on started to cry and then my big brother side came over me. I pulled her in for a hug, kissing her forehead and slightly humming Tenerife sea her ear. "It okay Mads" I hugged tighter and words spoke quietly out her mouth. "He r-raped m-m-me" What! She innocent how could the be so sick and twisted to take that way from Mads, she wasn't ready and she lost it not like your suppose to she lost it with out love. It was just meaning less and that not how you should lose it. "WHAT!" Angry filled my body and my fists tightened as her words repeated in my head.

Connor's p.o.v

Brad eyes were piercing at me as his breathing got heavier as he slowly approached me, "don't touched her or even speak to again Connor, just focus on the Band and leave my sister alone." I nodded i have no choose i cant leave the band anyway because of my contract but i agreed with Brad. Brad was now sitting on my sofa with his head in his hands talking to him self quietly and decide to text Tris and ask if he is busy. I texted Tristan and i looked up at Brad. "Brad im sorry i kissed Maddie i was just in the moment, i don't like her at all!" Brad nodded and got up off the seat chuckling a bit, "Its okay just don't talk to her." With that Brad left my house and i heard him drive away, now im lonely with  nobody.

I felt my phone vibrate and took out my phone from my denim jeans, i looked and saw Tris texting back say 'Oh hey no im not busy ill be at your in about half an hour' i texted back saying that was okay and everything and i just sat on the sofa stare straight at the switched off TV thinking. thinking hard.

Yes sorry if this is terrible i just don't know what in real life people would do when somebody has been raped, yeah i know, go to the police and all but Maddie doesn't want them to. Im just trying to make this good... Somebody help out her please?

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