Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


6. End This Chapter.

~~"Hey Mads, how about we watch a movie before Brad comes because he says he will be here in about an hour because he is doing jobs for your mum and dad" I sat up feeling quite tired but nodded at Connor to agree with watching a film. "Yeah sure...But do you have any clean clothes i could borrow because you know, i have spaghetti all down me." I laughed slightly while you used my hands to present my very badly stained clothes. "Oh yes, is a t-shirt of mine and some boxers okay?" Connor walked over to his wooden draws opening them searching. "Yes thank you" Connor finished searching when he had the clothes and walked towards me and pasted to me. "Ill just leave, meet me downstairs ill search for a film yeah?" I got up onto my feet "Yeah sure and thanks again for every thing you've done for me today" Im really grateful to be away from everybody and just have a calm afternoon. Connor smiled quickly and soon left, i tugged off my shirt and replaced it with Connor's Tank and after putting on the boxers i was walking down the stairs for the film.

I wondered down the hall to find Con with films all over the living room, there was loads but Con looked like he didn't want to watch any but He finally grabbed one and turned around. "JEEZ MADS YOU SCARED ME SHITLESS THEN!" Con was now on the fall and i just started to piss myself with laughed at what just happened. "Sorry" I ran up to him giving him a hand up off the carpet, then i searched for the film that has suddenly gone missing. "Found it!" Con popped up from behind the sofa holding up the film, i looked at the film to see it was SAW. WHY? I HATE SCARY FILMS... "Oh Mads you look good in my clothes" Con winked pulling himself up from behind the sofa, he grinned at me but i just sat on the sofa and he took the opportunity to put the film in the DVD player and pressed play. Con started to walk to the arm chair but no way was i sitting on my own i need somebody to hide behind! "Con don't sit there, sit next me pretty pwease?" Connor rolled his eyes at me then redirected his feet to walk over to where i was currently sitting.

"I'm guessing you don't like horrors?" He raised one eyebrow at me and i slowly nodded that's when the film started and i started to tremble with fear. "Don't worry im here Mads" But i looked at the floor trying to ignore the movie that was going to scared me shitless any second. Once i thought it was alright and not that scary but suddenly blood splatted all over the screen and i jumped onto Connors lap digging my face into his shoulder. "Its okay Mads" but i shook my head in disagreement because he might like horrors but im a scaredy cat...  Con then started to move his arms reaching out but they ended up around me and i just stayed snuggled up on his lap all the way through the film.

After the film had finished Con decide to frighten me even on put the second one of SAW on great. "Are you trying to give me nightmares?" I laughed as Con sat down and i crawled on his lap back to my spot. "Nooooo...but you look cute when you tremble" Con tucked a peace of my hair behind my ear. "I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or a freaky insult?" I laughed at Con while i heard screaming coming from the tv so i jumped back in the Connor's chest making him groan in pain from the impact. I feel like i've been shot" Connor layed back all over the sofa and i just laughed at his over exaggeration, i was still sat on him while he layed there in slight pain. "you such a puff Con" all of a sudden i got pulled down by Con so i was now face to face with him. I know just shut up" We both shut up after Con had said that but we just casually bursted out laughing, soon the laughing died down and he were just breathing heavily from the chucking.

Brad's p.o.v

So i've just done a job for my mum and dad, and to be honest what they have planned is terrible how can they do this to us? Its very sly and cold hearted i just don't know how to break it to Maddie. But I guess she will have to find out one day but today is not the day im going to tell her but Connor rang me and told me about Maddie at his because they was a mishap at school but it must of been something more then a little mishap because Maddie is a strong girl and you can tell because she is in my family... And they very VERY cold hearted i cant wait to move out! So currently im nearly at Connor's house, im just around the corner so i better brace myself because Maddie always knows when i have a secret so id bet act the hardest i've ever done. Well here goes...

Maddie's p.o.v

I stared into Connor's eyes i've never really noticed how sparkly blue they were but now they are very sea blue and dreamy. Wait did i really just think that? Connor smiled at me but that disappeared when he looked into my eyes but my eyes are horrible they are just dull brown... That when i felt Connor pull me down slightly catching my attention that's when my hands started to get sweaty and Connor's eyes kept focusing on and off my eyes to somewhere else. I bit my lip on confusion questioning in my head what Connor was doing I blink once and that's when Connor's lips crashed onto mine, i am in complete shock what do i do? I guess Connor saw my confusion and mumbled under are lips "Kiss me" was his words fortunately we crashed lips moving in sync, Con moved one hand from around my waist and used that hand to hold my chin up.  "Guys im her- what the hell?"

I jumped. no. launched myself off Connor and there stood confused and angry my brother. great. "Connor what are you doing with my sister?" Brad gritted his teeth impatiently and waiting for an answer, "Nothing Brad" Connor didn't look at Brad i guess he was quite embarrassed and so am i. "YOU WERE SNOGGING MY SISTER FACE OFF-" I butted in. "LEAVE HIM ALONE HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG! YOUR NOTHING MY PARENT AND YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CANT DONE, SO WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY?" who does he think he is, yeah im kind of overreaching but he is having a go at Connor just because he kissed me? its not like we had sex geez! But he is overreaching to so vicar-versa.

"MADDIE LEAVE AND NEVER TALK TO CONNOR AGAIN!" w-what only because of one little kiss i can never see Con again this is so stupid?! "WHY?!" i have a right to know. "BECAUSE-because he is in my Band and if he breaks your heart the whole band will break. its really hard to explain but that is what will happened now. LEAVE." this is stupid. Brad raised his voice and pointed towards the door telling me hurry up and get out. I had my hand on the door handle when i hear Brad shouting "OH AND MADDIE, THE JOB I DID FOR MUM AND DAD WELL YOUR MOVING OUT AND IVE GOT THE KEYS TO AN APARMENT IN LONDON, HAVE A GOOD LIFE!" what this. no. no. I just bursted out crying and opened the door and slamming it behind me without looking back. I ran down the street with my hands over my face i could feel the wetness of the tears smuggled over my hands. all when i thought something could start for me and Con, it already goes terrible wrong. and it didn't even start.

I was still run to- god knows where but i just ran, my head is all over the place how could my own brother do this to me. If its true i cant flipping wait to go to London and get away from all this. the bullies. the overreactions. my brother. my so called friends. A new start, hopeful it will be good. "oh Maddie you remembered good now come on." My wrist my tightly gripped and yanked down a path i looked forward and saw a house. just a normal house. I looked up to see Ashton with pleasure in his eyes. I don't care anymore he can do what he wants to me nobody will care or find out because im moving to London and i was well finish a chapter if im going to start a new one, so here is the end of the chapter. 

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