Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


1. All Fired Up.

~~"Leave me alone!" All my books scattered all over the cold ground of the school hall way, everybody stares burning in the back of my head. My mouth a jar from the shock of me being pushed to the floor, No teachers for my savour even though they would help anyway. I started to gather my books back up ready for next period but somebody thought different.
"You've such a freak, where are your friends Maddie? Oh yeah they ditched you because your a lonely, ugly freak!" Anna screamed down my ear like i wanted to bother with her, i get this everyday she just beats me up because she's to weak to pick on somebody her own size. Just for the record she 'was' my best friend till popularity got to her head down all the boys bow down to her. She has her own little gang made up of: Herself: Lucy: Vivienne: Hannah: Luke: Calum: Michael: Ashton. They all hate me, everybody hates me, they all bully me, they all abuse me but i cant do anything about it because my family simply don't care.

If you looked at my life (at home) you would think its fine but its not, my mum and dad only buys me a couple of expensive things so i keep away from them and stay locked in my room for the rest of the week, that's the only reason why. Bradley, well Brad is a different story. He is the only person out of my family to actually care about me. He isn't my only brother though, I have another one (unfortanly.) His name is Kyle and he is 16, one year younger than me, and to be honest you never see him. He is always cooped up in his room on his Xbox or laptop. He basically Brain dead. Also three other people care about me and that Brad's band but i feel like they have to like me because im Brad sister but i don't say anything at least its better than nothing.

"Your so pathetic, come on guys lets leave Blue here alone and we will see you later after school" Want to know why see called me blue? Well my hair is dip dyed blue, i liked pictures so i got it done. I really couldn't care less if they thought it was awful because i liked my hair. So after school hey guess its time for the daily beating. Nobody knows these guys beat me, not even Brad nor his band and i would like it to stay that way because they will just make it worse. Then i heard the bell ring and it was time for art. I walked down the halls with stares come my way in every direction, everybody looks and me and despises me, only because Anna tells them horrible things about me, but i guess people have to carry on with life. I dragged my feet behind me till i took my seat in Art class, i always sat at the back where nobody could see me, i hid myself in a corner on my own. Only Lucy and Ashton were in my Art class but they still teased me with or without Anna by there side.

As time went on in Class i finished my Work and got up out of my seat to put it on the drying rack, as i placed my work on the rack i got a pile of paint trailing its way down my black jumper i looked up to see Lucy, well Lucy was a character off pure evil. She would strangle you senseless if she was aloud. "Now she can be the colour of the rainbow!" A obnoxious mouth guy shouted from the far end of the class that's when everybody started to laugh. Lucy had a smirk on her face and Ashton stood behind her.
"Would you like some water to clean your jumper with" Ashton giggled but i knew he was going to do something horrible and that's when a full tub of water came crashing down and me. and i just stood there. then the bell rang.

I raced out of class hoping i could escape the torcher for one day but i wasn't meant to be. Still cover in paint and water Anna's gang stood around me making me surrounded. "Maddie do us a favour and leave this world, you should get the point! EVERBODY hates you." Vivienne enhanced the word 'everybody' but i knew not everybody hated me. "Your wrong, just leave me alone and find somebody who actually cares!" I shouted at Vivienne but the whole gang took one step closer to me. I gripped the bag on my shoulder tighter and gulped, i shouldn't be scared by now but everyday they had something new to hurt me with, either verbally or physically. I really wanted somebody to be by my side right now because they seem more evil and fired up today, god knows what's going to happen to me and how am i going to hid it from Brad and the guys.

I slowly turned looking at each one separately, looking at them brought memories back from when we were friends, the good old time but now there just pure evil. I then spotted Calum had a baseball bat, then i saw a swift hand from Hannah showing a metal reflecting object, well other wise known as a knife. They have used a knife before, yes i sound crazy but this is really what they did to me! Suddenly Michael launched himself on to me pinning me to the ground, he punched me rapidly in the stomach winding me so i could gasp for air. Calum swung the bat at my arms making them clasps because they were the only thing that was holding my body up. and i took all of this but it wasn't over yet. The knife then came into play as they trailed it over my skin making rips in my tights and deep fresh cuts into my skin.  But they never had then nerve to full on stab me... As the beating came to an end they all ripped my books and walked off with out a second thought or a care in the world.

I weakly jumbled as my thing into my bag and pulled my self of the loose stoned ground, the stinging of my cuts them occurred me but i still began to walk home. Finally i was home and as any other day i raced up to my room put on a long sleeve jumped and some leggings, Bradley has never seen my wounds even though a was full on covered in scars but i have no scars on my face? Probably something Anna says they cant do in case some questions me about them. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and layed fall on my bed looking up at the sealing. "Knock, knock?" A voice came from outside my door the door opened and walked in curly. "Hey Brad" i looked at him with a fake smile on my face, Brad has never seemed to notice my fake smiles or my blank expression when i talked to him. "Hey Maddie you coming down stairs to see the lads, Connor told me you were here because he saw you walk to your room when you came in." Brad ruffled my hair and i did the same back and nodded while doing so. I led behind Brad as we approached the Boys.

"Hey Little Simpson!" Tristan opened his arms wide so i could be engulfed by his bone crushing hugs, i excepted. I giggled at the little nickname Tris had made up for me he has always called me that from day one! I greeted James and Con too. "Are you coming to the garage to watch us play Mads" Connor spoke up, i looked at Brad hoping he will let me watch them practise Brad nodded. "I guess i am!" I ran over to the kitchen and grabbed some cans of coke and walked to the garage. I walked over to James first. "Cheers Mini" James accepted the drink out of my hand, cracking it open with in a matter of seconds. Oh and another thing all these boys had little nicknames for me it wad funny, and strange to be honest but that's how these boys are. I passed the rest off drinks around and sat down on the sofa waiting for them to play.

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