Shout about it *Connor Ball Fanfic*

Maddie Simpson, the sister to Bradley Simpson. She was alone, he friends used her, she broke into a million pieces...Nobody notices till she started to show. Her parents didn't care, her family didn't care except Brad and his band. The Vamps.


8. Agreements.

~~James p.o.v

"We have got to consult the police Mini! You can just forget about something like this, he devises to be locked up why has he done this? I-Ive got to tell Brad he is going to find out sooner or later you know. I just cant stand to see you go through something like that, i can even imagine! I care about you Mini lots but you have got to understand that we must tell the police and take you to the hospital to get a check up, did he doing anything else like abuse you?" I still had my arm loosely rapped around her while she looked at the floor with tear brewing still in her eyes, she sighed sadly and nodded her head biting her lip in the process. "C-can we just leave it for a bit i mean we can go to the hospital but can we just keep it between us until i think its time to tell my brother, anyway at the minute im not in his good books" she looked up at me with her tired eyes and rubbed it smudge her black make up even more over her face. I got up and quickly dashed into my mum's room and grabbed a make up wipe and dashing back into my room, Maddie looked at my questionly but i held out the wipe motioning her to use it.

Her shaken hair gently took the moist wipe and she started to rub it gently under her eyes, she looked at me with a little smile but that soon faded when my mum entered the room worriedly but her worriedness soon passed and she took her place next to Maddie rubbing her back comfortly, she gave her a sympathetic smile. "Maddie sweetie, i think its time we go and get you check out and consult your parents about this" Maddie nodded at my mum's idea but then decided to speak up, "Yeah but don't tell my parents i would like to tell them myself" when made said the word parents her face went into disgust but shook it off jumping of my bed looking at me. I grabbed my keys off my wooded bedside table and closely followed Maddie through the upstairs hall and down the stairs as well my mum grabbed her handbag and rushed out the door closing it behind her and us.


"Well i have checked you over Miss Simpson and you have got some burises here and there but i recommend you stay over night so we can just keep an eye on you, we will contact the police right away is there anyway we can get in touch with your parents you know just to inform them about the 'insult'" The Doctors glassed rested on the bridge of his nose while his eyes went back and forth to his clip board he held in his hands, "No the-there on a business trip somewhere i will inform them when they get back" She hesitated but the Doctor didn't seem to notice, i walked over to Maddie sitting down the cushion wooded chair taking my place in the chair, i reached over to Maddie and gently took a grasp of her hand.

"Do you want anything to eat or drink, do you want one of the lads to come and comfort you like Connor or Tristan? Because you know you don't want to see Brad for some reason" I rubbed my thumb over the top of her hand she nodded "Can i have a cup of water please and could you call Connor i-i need to talk to him" I could see the look on her face and it wasn't something good, i could there was more to this then meets the eye but i decide to leave it alone for now. "Course ill call him now" I reached to my trousers pocket and pulled out my phone dialling in the number of Connor's phone, the dial tone ringed through my ears then the tone die down.

"Connor?" I voice spoke loud and clear and i soon got a reply, "Hello? What the matter James" I caught slight sadness in Connor's voice also a little sob escaped from his lips. "Erm its urgent Maddie wants you to meet her. now." There was a pause but he soon spoke up. "I don't think i should i mean-" Im not going to take this. "Connor. Maddie is in the hospital you need to get here RIGHT AWAY." That's when i heard a door slam from the other side of the phone. "IM ON MY WAY" Then the phone when dead signalling Connor had hung up. I signally thumbs up to Maddie and see nodded, i opened the door to her room and walked out of it to now fetch some food.


Walking back to Maddie's room to found out she had been moved, great. "Excuse me where did Maddie Simpson go, she was in that room?" I asked a nurse passing by but i was disgusted when she eyed me up and down push her boobs up and smirking at me but my face stayed serious. "Yes she has been moved to room 299" With that she walked off swaying her hips from side to side but i rushed to find Maddie's room.

When i had finally found it, i saw Connor and Tristan looking at Maddie lying on her bed fast asleep quietly, but Connor's face was streaming with tears and guilty, Tristan was rubbing his back but Connor was forced on Little Maddie lying safe and sound on the hospital bed snoring lightly with her mouth a jar. It was cute though. "James why is she here, what happened, tell me!" Connor kept fidgeting in the seat so i took a seat next to him trying to calm him down a bit, "Connor she is fine" I assured him but he wasn't taking any of this. "James she is lying in a hospital bed! What happened!" I rubbed the back of my neck biting my lip. "I think its her right to tell you not me" Connor scrunched his fists looking down at the floor, Tristan was giving me and Connor a sympathetic smile and then to Maddie.

"Here have my water bottle" I held out the water filled bottle to Connor and he took it lightly saying 'thanks you' just loud enough i could hear it because it was barely a whisper. "Connor? Why do you look so guilty" The word spilled my lips, while i leaned down still sitting on the chair getting level with the back bent Con. "No-nothing" Haha bullsh*t im not taking this for an answer. "I think there is something more to this Connor i can see your guilty smothered all over your face don't lie to me, im so confused at the minute everybody looks so down and guilty! Maddie wont tell me why she has fallen out with her brother she just says she will tell me later, well i want to know now. seeing the look on your face shows you know something, so tell me." I looked to Tristan and he was also entreated in what happened so we waited for an answer.

Maddie was at my house and she was soon made her feel like i was at home, she had a ruff day at school that she didn't want to talk about so i let it past, she was looking around my I was sat on my bed and then she gave in and just let her back fall and now her whole body was resting on the bed. Connor left to got down stairs to ring Brad that she was here. "So Mads ive rang Brad to come over, is that okay?" i spoke to her "Yeah that's fine but could you not ask me question about today i just want to forget it, it was just some people having a laugh with there mates and decide to play a prank on me but its alright now they apologized. My friends were there to help me clear the mess over me but its okay now ill just ovoid them seriously it was nothing..." she replied bluntly but i didn't think anymore of it... So then we just watched a film to pass the time by because Brad had to do some eons for his parents.

she stared into my eyes I smiled at her but that disappeared when she looked into my eyes That when i pulled her down slightly catching her attention that's when her hands started to get sweaty and my eyes kept focusing on and off my eyes to somewhere else. she bit my lip on confusion questioning in my head what i was doing I blink once and that's when i lips crashed onto hers, I saw her confusion and mumbled under are lips "Kiss me" was my words fortunately we crashed lips moving in sync, i moved one hand from around my waist and used that hand to hold my chin up.  "Guys im her- what the hell?" Brad then storm into my house. We had a arugement and Brad was vey mad at me and Maddie and told her 'OH AND MADDIE, THE JOB I DID FOR MUM AND DAD WELL YOUR MOVING OUT AND IVE GOT THE KEYS TO AN APARMENT IN LONDON, HAVE A GOOD LIFE!' That was his words, that is what he went to do for his parents to kick Maddie out of the house...

My eyes shot out of my head and my heart shattered. Maddie cant leave. How could Brad do this. What made him turn evil all of a sudden?

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