Prophecy; Book 1

Prophecy's were not uncommon in the wizarding world; but Lucy didn't think she'd have one. On a normal day she was pulled aside by the headmaster who explained that she was in a prophecy to do with Harry Potter. At first she rejected the idea but realized it was for the greater good. Finally agreeing to the idea, she set off to make Harry Potter fall in love with her.


3. Desire or Fear;

As days went on Lucy found herself trying more and more to be close to Harry. She didn't know how to do so without seeming the least bit odd. They did share all of there classes, that was a start; but she'd tried starting to ask him questions on their homework. Finally she figured out what she needed to do. She needed to get Harry alone without Ron and Hermione; she'd try to do this after lunch. 

The moment lunch ended Lucy ran after Harry and his friends. She left her friends behind, trying her best to stay close to him. When they got a ways down the hall she finally called out his name and he turned around. "Oh, Lucy. Hey." He said, smiling at her. She smiled at him and she was trying to catch her breath. "You guys can go on without me." Harry said, signalling to Ron and Hermione. Ron grabbed Hermione's arm and pulled her away and they were alone. 

"I do apologize for taking you from your friends like this." Lucy said, standing up straight. Harry shrugged, "It's alright. " They both stood there awkwardly. Lucy knew if she was gonna get Harry to like her, she'd need to be more out there. "So, I was gonna ask if you wanted to hang out after classes are over." Harry smiled at her then frowned, "Sorry, today's a really bad time. I have a thing going on. Maybe tomorrow, alright?" 

Lucy nodded, feeling a bit hurt by the fact she was turned down. Harry said goodbye and then walked off after his friend. Lucy didn't think getting Harry to like her would be so hard, but with her not being able to find a solid thing to say to him, this process wouldn't go anywhere.


The end of the school day came and Lucy was walking around the castle, she heard a girl crying. She peaked around a corner and saw a Ravenclaw girl named Cho Chang being thrown around by Draco. Lucy hid behind the corner, listening to their conversation. "Tell us where it's at." Draco spat at her, pushing her against a wall. A mild whimper came from Cho, "Where's what at?" She asked in a low whisper. Malfoy knocked her books out of her hand and yelled, "The room you and Potter and the others escape off to." 

Cho shook her head and Malfoy growled, kicking her books. "Tell me or else I'll torture you." Cho looked up at him, tears already streaming from her eyes. She couldn't speak but finally managed the words, "I'll show you." Malfoy let out a loud laugh and grabbed her, pulling her down the hall.

Lucy followed behind closely trying to keep quiet. Finally she realized Umbridge and a few of the others were waiting for Malfoy. "Did you get her to tell?" Crab asked Malfoy. Malfoy laughed again and held Cho close. "Of course I did, idiot." Without saying a word, Cho guided them down the hall, Lucy still followed trying to figure out what was happening. Finally, everyone came to a stop. Lucy stared from behind a corner and watched them.

Umbridge shouted a few spells that caused dust from the wall to fly everywhere. Finally she seemed to have blown up the wall and she was in. "Get them." She hissed. Lucy walked out from behind the corner and ran over to the situation, she acted on first instinct and nothing more. "Hey what are you doing?!" She yelled at the people grabbing her classmates and throwing them around. She tried to help but ended up being grabbed herself. 

Lucy frowned figuring this wasn't the best plan. Her, alone with the others got taken to Umbridges office and left to sit until Fudge came through the fire. That's when Harry, Cho and Lucy were grabbed. She understood them two, but why me? How was she involved in this? 

They got taken to the headmasters office, Cho still seemed like she was stirred up and Harry seemed irritated. Lucy tried her best to seem like nothing was wrong, although she thought she might faint. As they stood there many words were passed from Umbridge to Fudge to Dumbledore. That's when Proffessor Dumbledore saw Lucy standing there and stared for a moment, then continued talking to the others. Lucy felt her face turn pale and she thought she might be sick.

But in a quick moment Dumbledore was gone and everyone, besides Lucy, Harry and Cho, was on the ground. She looked at Harry and frowned. He didn't seemed to have much an expression himself.

That's when Lucy thought, was she doing all this for him out of fear, or because deep down she did still like him. 

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