Prophecy; Book 1

Prophecy's were not uncommon in the wizarding world; but Lucy didn't think she'd have one. On a normal day she was pulled aside by the headmaster who explained that she was in a prophecy to do with Harry Potter. At first she rejected the idea but realized it was for the greater good. Finally agreeing to the idea, she set off to make Harry Potter fall in love with her.


1. Day 1;

Considering the beginning of Lucy's 5th year had been consumed with studying and not worrying about Harry Potter; she was doing pretty much okay. But, the day before Christmas break would change everything she believed in. On this day she was pulled aside by Dumbledore to talk about something that she assumed to be schooling; oh how she was wrong. As she took a seat Dumbledore pulled out a piece of parchment and began reading the small cursive words that laid upon it.

"Upon arriving at the nearest office, we picked up an interesting parchment that received the message from a prophet. While seeing that prophet they foretold about the fact that a girl must be with Harry to defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. This girl will show Harry there's more to the world than dark, that there is love in the pit of nothingness. They haven't concluded who this girl is, but the women saw someone who would be the same age as Harry and from the Hufflepuff house. You can conclude this girl yourself, Dumbledore." He stopped speaking after this spot, Lucy didn't say anything; only stared at the head master. He didn't say anything to her, he seemed to be letting her process the new found information.

She raised an eyebrow, leaning forward in her seat. "Excuse me, headmaster, but what does this have to do with me?"

Dumbledore stood up and paced behind his desk, taking a few deep breaths before looking back at her, "After talking with some teachers, we've decided you are the girl the prophecy is talking about." Lucy stood up quickly, ready to argue with the head master but he interrupted her before she could "Ms.Schmidt we need you to understand that this isn't our choice. It's a prophecy that has to happen. And we're just warning you about this event, because in the end it'd happen anyways."

Lucy didn't say a word. She stood there, confused. Finally she was excused to go to lunch and she still didn't speak. She tried to forget what he said when she entered the great hall but the words kept repeating. When she took a seat at the table on the far right, she sat alone not speaking to anyone. Her friends didn't ask her what's wrong, they didn't even wonder why she was sitting alone. But for most of the lunch, she stared at Harry who seemed to be sitting with his friends and enjoying himself. She felt stalkerish at first, but got over the feeling.

When the lunch ended she decided it might be a good idea to actually talk to Harry instead of just continue to stare at him. As she got up behind him she felt her arm be jerked to the side and her friend was the one who pulled her. "Hey, why didn't you sit with us at lunch?" Lucy ignored her and kept staring at Harry who was almost just a speck in the middle of a sea of kids. Her friend looked up and stared in the direction that Lucy was looking in. "Whatcha looking at?"

Lucy shook her head, looking at her friend. "No one. Let's get to class."

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