Prophecy; Book 1

Prophecy's were not uncommon in the wizarding world; but Lucy didn't think she'd have one. On a normal day she was pulled aside by the headmaster who explained that she was in a prophecy to do with Harry Potter. At first she rejected the idea but realized it was for the greater good. Finally agreeing to the idea, she set off to make Harry Potter fall in love with her.


2. Back To Hogwarts;

Lucy was finally home; but just for a small break. She sat in her bed playing a CD on her player and keeping her headphones in her head. She tried her hardest not to think about school, or Harry Potter. By the time Christmas did finally show up she was going crazy. Her parents didn't know that she was involved in a prophecy to do with him. If anything they didn't even know she thought about Harry Potter in anyway.

When the break was finally done, she had gotten many things from her parents including a book about prophecy, as if they knew. When Lucy tried to question them they didn't answer, they just acted dumb. Finally she just stopped questioning them. But, it gave her something to read on the train ride back to Hogwarts. She had decided to act like there wasn't any other spots left and was forced to sit next to Harry and his friends. It's not like she was going to try and hit on him, but she was going to at least try and get to know him. 

As she got on the train, many kids were showing off the things they'd gotten over the holiday. Lucy tried her best to get past them as she walked through the aisle. She decided to wait in the bathroom till everything cleared out. Which was a horrible idea, every kid seemed to be needed to pee. When the train started up she walked out and smiled at the line of people waiting. She didn't say anything, she only made her way past them and down the aisle. 

She looked in each sitting area to find Harry and couldn't. It wasn't going to be hard to say there was no where to sit; especially since everywhere was literally full. Finally she found Harry sitting with who she recognized as Ron and Hermione. Finally, when she got the courage she opened the door and smiled slightly, waving awkwardly. "May I sit with you. Every other place is stacked full of kids already. " Ron and Hermione said yes and Harry scooted towards the window. "Cheers." Lucy said, sitting next to Harry and smiling at everyone. 

"You're Lucy aren't you?" Hermione said, smiling at her. Lucy nodded trying not to be awkward but couldn't help herself. These were three Gryffindors and one of them happened to be the one who claimed Cedric was killed by You-Know-Who. 

"I know you guys. You're in my year, but everyone knows Harry." She smiled at him, he didn't seem to be paying attention. She looked down at her hands, "You guys aren't what people say. You seem to be pretty nice."

Harry looked at her, "They talk bad about us do they? People need to mind there own business." She didn't say anything, only looked up at him. "Yeah, they think you're insane. But I'd reckon they're the idiots. " Harry didn't say anything he just looked at the window, "If this is your way of asking me questions about last year or anything to do with Cedric then you might as well leave." 

"That's not why I'm here. I'm here because I had no where to sit, honestly, I was walking around forever. I'd also like you to know that my bunk mates and I all believe you Harry. " Lucy spoke softly, trying to make it less awkward. At this point she was about ready to begin panicking. 

Harry sighed and looked at her, "I appreciate that." 

The rest of the time was quite awkward, considering Harry didn't have much to say and Ron just kept staring at her. Hermione focused on a book, ignoring everyone. Lucy decided to grab the book her parents bought her about Prophecies. Ron seemed to notice because he asked her about it, "Prophecies? That's a curious subject." 

Lucy looked up from her book and smiled, looking at the cover. "I've been into researching them. My parents got me this for Christmas." Hermione was now looking up from her book and staring at the book. She tilted her head then went back to reading. Everything went silent after that. This was gonna be an awkward ride to Hogwarts.

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