The Hobbit One-Shots

Just a collection of One-Shots that people have requested me to write. Enjoy!


1. Legolas/Reader~Dwarves in the Dungeons

You were bubbling with excitement. Your footsteps pattered almost noiselessly against the elven halls. quick and rapid, like your heartbeat.

This time you had to make it. You had nearly done it before, but that damn Legolas had kept getting in the way. Of course, he was a close friend of yours, and he was only looking out for your safety, but you still squirmed under his protectiveness. You were eager to escape his grasp. This time you were going to talk to them.

You slipped past the guards on duty with complete ease and scurried through the corridors. You never feared misstepping and falling to the bit below the narrow pathways suspended only by lone pillars. The halls, after all, had been your home for hundreds of years. You had been bred into them, and they were a part of you.

Now you slipped past the last guard without any trouble, but fighting the urge to giggle at his foolishness. How could they really call themselves guards?

At the moment, you didn't care and stepped over to the line of jail cells encasing, to your utter excitement, dwarves.

"Hello?" You whispered lightly, clasping your hands before you and hopeful that one might answer.

Their heads perked up, but none answered. Your lip twitched into an awkward smile and you waved.

"Hello? My name is Y/n. Um, what are yours?"

The dwarves have you a look as though you were positively out of your mind. After a hesitant minute, one of them finally answered.

"I'm Ori." A voice farther down the line called, and you beamed. You saw Ori's cell mate elbow him in the side sharply, and heard a muffled grunt.

"Kili." Another dwarf answered, this one in one of the cells in front of you.

"Oh! Tauriel told me about you. It's nice to meet you."

Kili bobbed his head with a smile in return, then went quiet.

"What are you doing here, elf? If you mean to bother us with idle conversation, then you mustn't bother to waste your breath."

"Waste my... Oh." You looked down the line once more to see a very dark haired dwarf with curly locks that fell to his broad shoulders. He was quite handsome, though you prefered elves like yourself. That, and you had the feeling that this dwarf was going to be quite rude to you.

"You're Thorin Oakenshield." You felt your smile become bashful. "I- I'm terriby sorry for the Elven King's uh... Reaction. Trust me, none of the other elves want you all to be locked up in our dungeons but, well, you didn't really make matters better. Of course, me saying that is most likely overstepping my bounds so, my sincerest apologies for it all."

The tension that followed your words was awkward at the least. No dwarf said a word, but instead looked upon you in surprise. They could tell that you were one of the younger elves by your behavior, but they could also see the kindness that glowed within your e\c irises. 

"I actually snuck down here to see you all. I'm not supposed to be here, but I've never met a dwarf before, let alone thirteen of them! And I wanted to see how you all were faring." Thorin was about to mke a sharp retort, but your voice snapped his mouth shut. "And I know it's a stupid question. I mean, you're locked in the damn dungeons, but I hope you all are... Healthy."

"Well, you're a talkative lass. I'll give you that." An older looking dwarf with silver hair commented. 

You smiled simply. "And what's your name?"


"Oh, I love dwarven names."

Despite you being the 'enemy' to the company, they found themselves easing in your presence. You had quickly softened the youngest of them, though the more weathered dwarves would take a bit to warm up to you (especially that tall bald one in the corner). But, just as you were about to ask another question, a voice rang out behind you, and your heart plummeted.

"Y/n! What do you think you're doing?"

"Well, shit." You muttered under your breath, causing a few of the dwarves to chuckle at your mouthy language. With a small shrug to them, you turned on your heel and faced your superior with your hands folded behind your back. "Legolas! I think I'm just getting ready to run." 

More chuckles sounded behindyou, but the platinum haired Sindarin elf sent them a glare, and they hushed. Legolas then turned his eyes to you, narrowing them in a stern warning as he glided down the steps toward you. With a harsh grasp, her snatched your arm and began to drag you off back down the hallway.

"I told you time and time again that you are not to converse with those prisoners." You frowned at him, but continued following obediently. "This is the eight time you've tried to-"

"I succeeded this time."

He gave you a hard stare. "-associate with those vermin. What do you think my father would say if her found you down here? He'd punish you! He'd punish me if he found out I was keeping this from him."

"Then why are you?" Finally, you had had enough of this. Once you had rounded the next corner you wrenched your arm out of his grip and stood before him, your fists clenched at your sides with your growing anger. "I am free to do as I wish, and it should be the least of your concern if I, an unequal to yourself, decided to do something dangerous. I know what the consequences are, so do you, so why in the world would you try to stop me?"

Your voice rang out quite loudly through the halls, and you didn't doubt that someone could probably hear the quarrel, but you didn't care. You had had enough of being restrained.

"Would it be absolutely ridiculous to say that I care for your safety? Or would you pass that off as me just acting as your 'superior'? I've known you since you were a child, since you were born. You are one of my only, if not the only friend I have. And if I ever lost you to something I could prevent, then I don't know what I would do."

"Your father doesn't like me. He thinks I'm not good enough to be your friend."

"It's not your friend that I'd like to be."

You felt your heart plummet again. "Then what in the world was that 'I care about you' speech for? if you don't-"

In that moment you were hushed. Firm hands cusped your face and brought you close, then you felt something warm and soft against your lips. You stood statue still for as long as it lasted, then finally breathed out when Legolas pulled away. Your forheads rested against each other, but his hands did not leave your face.

"Oh." You said. "I get it now."

"Good." He chuckled and lifted his eyes to meet yours. You stared for a few moments before you cleared your throat and spoke.

"Can we uh, can we do that again?"

Never had you heard Legolas laugh so happily after that.

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