The Crawling

He can feel it. He can feel it eating inside
This short scripture is based off of something that I have recently encountered. A nightmare in which I never wish to encounter ever again.


1. The Crawling: A Short Horror Tale

The Crawling

It's all a dream. It's all a dream. It's all a dream. That's what I wish it was, but I knew it was far from a dream. The day passes. The clock ticks and toks. A moody feeling overcomes me, because I knew; knew that it would happen again. The horror will begin once more.

Nothing can stop it, for it is hidden; hidden from the eyes of mortals. It dwells in the darkest places even we don't know of. It hisses and growls under the bed. Bloodstains appear at night, then disappear at dawn. It hates light. It hates warmth, yet it targets me.

It laughs and snarls as I enclose. Closer. Closer. Closer. The clock hits nine. It knows I am here. It's ready to feed. Not on blood. Not on sweat. Only the ultimate meal; my fear. The door opens. I hear it talking to me. It commands that I enter. The sheets rise from its force. I settle into the bed. It forces the sheets over me, only to begin the dread. The light fades away. It begins; the crawling in my skin.

It creeps into my skin. Blood stains the sheets. I can't scream for help, for it would kill me. It flows through my body and feeds on my fear inside. My heart rate rises. My eyes are bloodshot, for it has moved into my soul. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. My soul is gone, but it wont let me die. It extracts itself from my body. The wound heals. The blood in the sheets disappear.

"Until next time", it says.

The torture may seem short; it is not. Just like a dream, it lasts for hours. Only this was a nightmare, so it lasts forever. My eyes shut tight as the clock strikes midnight. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Until next time.

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