2. forgotten

He hugged me and kissed my forehead we were talking and our dad's walked up turns out he wasn't dead he had a twin brother who died he was looking for me and luke he came up ash called the boys out they saw our dad and put me behind them luke state out front I ran inside and grabbed the phone and Called 911 ash came in with cal and said mikey and luke are distracting your dad I said okay the cops came and got him I told luke I was scared we were watching a movie frozen of course luke and me sat on the couch and cal sat with us we fell asleep downstairs I woke up and made breakfast we ate and I said luke I have to go remember we have school I decided to ride with the boys we got there we had class and our principal came in and said can I please have Hannah and Jessica I got up luke asked me what is all this about I said I don't know I said I'll meet you at lunch okay he said okay I walked out with Jessica and the principal she said who is the one who started the fight the other day I said jessica she pushed me to the ground and kept kicking me she said okay an Jess she said I did this and she punched me in the lip my lip started bleeding I walked to the nurse Jess got expelled the bell rang go lunch I missed lunch and 2 other classes it was after school luke and the boys were waiting for me outdid by the car I said are we ready to go luke asked what happened to my lip I said jessica punched me why he said your lip is busted I said I know I said can we just go home please he said fine we rode home we'll ashs place we got home I saw brian our. Cousin he hugged me and kissed my forehead

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