1. trouble

Hey I am Hannah hemmings I am Luke's twin sister we are both 18 he is In a band with Ashton Irwin Michael Clifford and calum hood they are good friends of ours me an luke are different he is a bad boy I am a good girl we live with our mom Liz and out dad james we love our parents and they love us so me and the boys had school I walked they drove I was walking jessica the school bad girl beat me up luke and the boy hate her our teacher for first period caught us and said he would have to say something about it In class I went in and so did Jess I sat with luke and they boys the teacher came in he looked at me and Jess he hadn't called us up then the principal came in oh no our teacher told the principal about the fight the principal i was scared it never got this bad there was 3 girls in our class she said can I have all the girls for detention so today you will have all boys is girls were worried I said by to luke and the boys and I'll tell them later they said okay I walked out with the other girls our principal let us go when bell rang signaling our class was out an only ours I met the boys at our lockers they asked what happened I said I have detention after school they said for what I said for fighting we all got I trouble luke said I'll be here to pick you up after schooler will wait or you it was after school detention was boring I walked out the boys were waiting for me I walked to them I had my detention slip that our parents had to sign our parents were used to luke but not me we got home me and luke we dropped the boys off we walked in I gave our mom and dad my slip they signed it I said it wasn't my fault they were picking on me my parents were mad with me I was am my dad came over to me and slapped me I walked upstairs to my room and shut my door

Luke pov

My da just slapped my twin sister he has crossed the line I texts ash and told him he said we could sty with him if we wanted I told my mom she said okay I won't let him hurt my sister I went to Hannah's room and knocks she said come in I said pack a bag if clothes she said why I said we are staying at ash house for awhile dad isn't going to hurt you

Hannah pov

Luke just told me we are going to ash to stay or awhile I packed clothes I told luke I was ready on our way out our dad pushed me down the stairs I hurt my ankle I told luke he picked me up and put me In the car he go tin we drove to ashs house luke pulled in his driveway he got out ash came over to us he asked what happened to my ankle and face we told him about our dad luke grabbed our bags and ash carried me he didn't mind he set me in the guest room he said me an luke could share it it was all he had we said that's fine

With us he walked out luke came in he said I can't beleive dad I said I can he sai what do you mean I said when you all went on tour he did this all the time while mom was with you I showed him the bruises and cuts he said we r taking you to a doctor nowo said fine he did they said my ankle wasn't broken it was just sore they but a wrap on it I could walk with it luke told cal and mikey we were staying with ash they said okay I got a text on my phone from our dad he said I will find out where ou are and you won't go back with luke I was scared I texted luke about dad he said it fine just tell the doctor what is wrong I said okay I told the doctor he said I had 2 broken ribs and that's it I said okay I walked out to the boys I said I am ready I it home I put On a pair of seweatpant and one my nirvana tshirt and one of Luke's sweatshirts he outgrew I walked down to luke and ash I sat next to luke they were playing FIFA I heard the door bell I answered it it was mikey and cal they came in I told them luke and ash are in the living room playing FIFA I went upstairs and grabbed my blanket I sat on my bed I heard a knock it was luke he asked if I was oky I said not really I miss mom he say next to me he said I do to he said you want to come down stairs with us I said in a few I will be down go ahead he did I got text from my mom saying come home quick don't tell luke I ran downstairs I ran past luke I ran down the street I saw an ambulance at our house I ran and saw our mom she said our da killed himself I was scared but happy he was gone our mom gold me to go back to Luke and the boys and stay there for the night she was staying at a hotel I ran home crying it started pouring I saw the boys in the porch I walked up there luke hugged me asked why I was crying I told him dad is dead

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