Hanna had a boyfriend who turned to a cat.
There is a advantage to that...
Edwards best friend try's to stop him from turning back.

@KapStalker and @Yourdamnwriter


3. -Tina Bait

Chapter three---

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Edward was running as fast as he could, but it was enough.Tina was just too fast.

" Why wont you give up!" She yelled out.

" I wanna live!" He panted.   

" I'll take you dead or alive." She claimed

" Not in this life time, baby." Edward started to run even faster than before.

It was hard for Tina to catch up with Edward now.But Tina jumped and bit Edward's tail.

" Ow~" He yelped.  Edward fell.

" Not so tough now, are you?" she slowly, walked to Edward.

She was walking towards Edward very slowly, and when she got close to his face she whispered,

"You give up?..." She licked his face slowly.

He scratched her face, and got up with pain written all over  his face.

"Don't you dare touch me you rat..."

Tina  was angry. She raised her paw to give him a even deadlier scratch.But then a man caught her.He wasn't wearing gloves, so Tina had an advantage. She scratched him hard and then ran away as fast as she could.

Edward din't have to worry about Tina bothering him anymore.But he had even bigger trouble, they guy who sends stray animals to the animal control.The guy slowly reached his hand to Edward's neck, trying not to scare him away.

"Papa,Papa!Can I look at the cat?"he heared a girl yell.

'Oh god..Let the cute cat go..~...' He thought.Now,he was going to be a puppy!?


Oh cats..He was in a deep trouble now.



#Sorry this chapter wasn't long,It was 10: 30 so I had no time.#



*Hehe,She says no time but she can write something that good! Oh and I have to say,


yourdamnwriter ! I don't know her account,but go and ask her!~*



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