Hanna had a boyfriend who turned to a cat.
There is a advantage to that...
Edwards best friend try's to stop him from turning back.

@KapStalker and @Yourdamnwriter


2. -Cat Formation

Chapter two-

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Edward woke up, he was to lazy to notice anything.For the fact that everything is bigger than before and he feels light on his feet.


" I'll skip the bathroom today.." He yawned.


He didn't even notice the way he was going down the stairs. When he reached the dinner table, he jumped on a chair then jumped on the table and started drinking his cornflakes like a.....cat!

He stopped drinking then looked at the bowl of cornflakes and saw his reflection.Before he could saw anything he heard his dad's voice.


" You think you can eat my cornflakes and get away with do you?"


Edward turned and saw his father with a broom.Edward had this cat instinct, and dashed away when his father broke the table. 


" Its just cornflakes,old man!" He meowed.


His father heard the meow and turned to the sound with a evil smile that says 'I'm-Gonna-Kill-You~'


Edward was on a bile of clean dishes, and his father swing the broom till it broke all the clean dishes.Edward kept on jumping on thing and the father broke them all.


Edward then jumped on the TV, his father raised the broom high with all his might,then he froze when he hear high heels coming down the stairs.It was Edwards mom, whose always too busy to notice anything. She was using her phone when she walked by him and said,


" Oh, I see your fixing the TV, and you're also cleaning the house. Good job honey."


She kissed a book shelf thinking it was Edward, and said,


" I'll be home 3 In the morning "


She left the house, and Edward had a chance to escape.He took one step and his father quickly turned his head at Edward.


" You're not getting away that easily!"


He swing the  broom and hit Edward.Edward flew throw the window.


" Score 1 for papa!"


Edward fell on the middle of a road, where an oil truck was about to hit him, then he docked.


A motor bike was heading full speed at him, then he jumped to the other side. He tried to run away from the middle of the road, but when he almost escaped, the traffic light went red. Then every one started crossing the road. Edward was dodging, until a little playful kid kicked him to the other side of the road, he was lucky that he didn't die.. Now he was in a deserted street. It was dark and no one was there.Edward was wondering around the place hoping he would wake up soon...


                                           ----- EDWARD'S P.O.V. -----


I feel cold....Why am I a cat...Its just a dream.. I shouldn't worry...Just then I stepped on a small puddle. And I saw my reflection: White cat, very small cat. Even in a cat form, the worlds mucking me.


" Hows it going?" A strange voice surprised me.


"Ahhhh!" I yelled with fear.


When i turned to look who it was, it was a female black cat.She jumped from a lamp post ( so high ) shes awesome.


" Did i scare you?"


"No..pfft, of-Of course not..I was-I was....ahh, clearing my throat" obviously laying.


" Of course you are..."


She was walking circuls around me.


"The names Tina and you..?"


She was playing with my face with her long black tail.


" Ed-Edward.." I nervously said.


" Ooh, Edwardo..."


" Funny story Edwardo, I've been looking for a mate for-"


"Sorry, am taken." I stepped back.


" I don't mind."




" S-sorry I have to go." I tried to walk away slowly but Tina wouldn't let me go that easily.


She came right in front of me, and gave me a fright.


"I really gotta go." I started to tremble

I knew she wouldn't let me escape that easily, so i had to escape. I ran as fast as my paws could take me. I wasn't surprised when I saw her following me.

Damn,I had to loose her!



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If she was a guy,I would totaly fall for him xD But nahhh-I'm way too lazy for it too...Oh god, o.o wtf is wrong with me?!?!?!

-your damny writer-chan is bored and can'T decide on a anime to watch/manga to read!help mehh*


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