Hanna had a boyfriend who turned to a cat.
There is a advantage to that...
Edwards best friend try's to stop him from turning back.

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1. -Ancient Cat Museum-


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Snow everywhere, she smiled and spined round and round.

Thom, Thom, thom!

She stopped spinning and looked up and noticed that she was in a snow globe and a three year old was hitting it on a table.




The globe shattered to snow pieces, then she woke from her dream.She was still hearing the sound from her dream.When she turned to where the sound was coming from, she saw rocks hitting her window.She quickly hurried to her window and slide it open.When she looked down she saw a boy holding a huge stone trying to throw it at her window, then she shouted,


He got surprised when he hear her yelling, that he slipped and the huge stone fell on him.He looked up and saw her head from the window.

"Your awake, that's good.Know hurry up or you'll be late." He yelled.

"Hurry up?..." she whispered to herself.

She walked to her alarm clock and saw 6:00 .


"No, its 7:30 ..."


She hit the alarm clock on the table and the numbers changed to 7:43 .




She quickly started getting ready while yelling at the boy at the same time.




She got out of the house running fast towards the boy. She slapped him in the face.

"What was that for?!" he asked.


"I'm angry, don't you understand."


"Okay,Okay,just get on the bike already."


He hopped on a bike and threw her a helmet. She caught it.

"You don't have a bike, did you steal it?!"


"We don't have time, just get on and i'll explain later."


She got on and they rode it to school.They were lucky they weren't late.When she gave him his helmet as a black rich car stopped right next to the motor bike. A butler got out the car and opened the other car door, and a hot girl came out of it, she wore her uniform as if she was a model. 


"Edward~! " She called out.

Edward turned to look at her and he dropped the helmets.He didn't even noticed that the helmets dropped.He just stepped closer to her and answered.


"Jessica, Your looking good today."

The girl looked pissed out, she picked up the helmets while Jessica was flirting with Edward.Jessica looked at her and taught.


  "Oh, I forgot your still dating.... Hanna..."

Hanna pushed the helmets at Edward and pulled his arm.


"Lets go, before get late." she said.


"Uh,Its okay Hanna, you don't need to be jealous. I'm in love with you and that will never change. "


Edward kissed her on the forehead and gave the helmets back to Hanna, then left her.


' He hasn't kissed me in the lips ever since it was my birthday' Hanna thought.' I guess his into her now...'


Edward , Hanna and Jessica were in the same class. The teacher entered the class and made an announcement that school will be closing today for spring break, and before they close she would like the class to have a tour in the Ancient Cat Museum.

                                                        --- Time Skip the boring school bus;Ancient Cat Museum ---


They were in the Ancient Cat Museum ( ACM ) .There were so many cat statues and old pots with cat illustrations.Hanna went to the merchandise, and saw a pair of blue earrings that looked so beautiful.She asked how much it was, but it was too expensive. The walked away from the salesman then bumped into Edward.


" I saw you looking at those earrings." he smiled.


"They're not that pretty."


"Your right, they're prettier than you.But they can make you even prettier."


" You don't have to waste your money."


" I'm not wasting my money.Am only buying it to stop you from being jealous." He teased.


Edward bought the earrings for her, she was so happy. Jessica hated Hanna ever since she started dating Edward.Jessica looked at the merchandises and saw a neckless with a red gem glowing bright.She bought it.Edward was getting closer to Hanna, it looked like he was aiming for a kiss.Then Jessica pulled him back and gave him the neckless.


" I thought you would like it, it matches your eyes."


"Ummm, thanks."


He put the neckless in his pants pocket.Edward stepped away from Jessica and held Hanna's hand.Jessica pulled him closer, and he let go of Hanna's hand.


"Don't you like it?"


"I....I do...."he started sweating.


For the rest of the trip, Edwards been hanging out with Jessica.At the end, Jessica Dropped her phone on porpoise, and acted like it was an accident.Edward leaned down to get it, and when he got up he gave it to her.


" Edwardo~, your such a gentleman."


"Its..Edward.Just Edward."


Hanna was getting some cold water, so she wasn't there to stop Jessica from trying to kiss Edward.Jessica came closer to Edward, she even closed her eyes.Edward completely forgot that He was already Hanna's boyfriend.Jessica kissed him for more than a minute, then Hanna came back and pit out all the water that was in her mouth.

Edward turned and saw Hanna about to cry. 


"Hanna n-no, it not what it seems!"


Hanna already ran away before he was done talking.She left the trip first.Edward left Jessica and tried to catch up with Hanna but he didn't know where she went.Jessica was happy about what she did.It was getting dark, so Edward went home.


                                            ---Edward's room,with mixed feelings---


He was so angry...He couldn't sleep.What he didn't notice was that the neckless was glowing even redder the more angry he got.He was so angry, he took the neckless out his pocket and tried to drop it so that it would break.But he didn't have the guts.


"I'll return it tomorrow...."


He suddenly heared a noise inside his room.


"Meow~"he looked around but didn't see anything.He trowed himself to the bed, not thinking about the noise. He tied the neckless around his neck and falls asleep.



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