Divergent High

Basic Divergent high story. The Divergent gang take on high school. There will be Fourtris so don't worry.


2. Her. Him.

Tris P.O.V

He has strong, stormy blue eyes that captivate me, his hair is short and the most extraordinary chocolate brown colour. His skin has a perfect tann, and he is so muscular, wait, what am I thinking? He definately has a girlfriend. A hundred percent. He would never be interested in a girl like me. Oh god. Oh god. I've been staring at him for way too long. He must think I'm such a weirdo. Wait, he's standing at locker number 44. That must be Four. He must be Zeke's friend, and Zeke's Uriah's brother, and Uriah's Chris' friend, and Christina's my best friend. That means, he'll be in my friendship group. And so will his girlfriend.


He walks away, and the tap of his shoes on the floor snaps me back to reality. I get out my nessecary books and put my bag in my locker.

"Come on, slow coach, we're gonna be late for art!" Chris says, she's been waiting for me.

"Mhm." I say in response as we walk away.

"I saw you checking out Four." She whispers in my ear. This is where my acting skills come in handy.

"Really? Sure, he's hot, but I really don't do dating." I say, trying to sound as casual as possible. Christina throws her hands up in mock surrender.

"Okay, okay, but he likes you, do you really want to break his heart?" Seriously? She must be kidding.



Finally we arrive at the art room. Tori greets us with a smile.

"Come on in girls, we're just about to do registration!" She sounds alot more cheery than before. I greet her with a smile, and wonder where I should sit. There's a seat next to Four...

"Oh, Christina, you go sit by Uriah, you guys are friends, right? And Tris, you can sit by, um, Four." Oh great, I say in my head. Now I'll embarrass myself some more.




Tobias P.O.V

(Time lapse to when he sees her at the lockers)

Zeke nudges me, and points to two new girls, I don't even bother to look at their faces.

"They're Uriah's friends, well, the tall one is, her name is Christina." Christina and her friend turn around and walk to their lockers, which are near ours.

I almost do a double take.

Before my eyes is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She has golden wavy hair that cascades onto her petite shoulders, and her eyes, her eyes. They are a dirzzly bluey grey, and are so huge that I get lost in them. So lost that I don't even realise how long I've been staring at her stunning face. Embarrassed, I turn away and walk to my first class. And then i realise something, she was staring back. What am I even saying? Do I like her? Does she like me? She probably has a boyfriend, and I would have a girlfriend, if I wanted one.


First period is art, and I take my usual seat in the corner, next to Zeke.

"Hey Zeke, you know you pointed Christina out to me, well, what was her friends name? I just, I just, um, well, if they sit by us at lunch it would be awkward not to know her name." I say, forcing out a laugh. I am such an idiot.

"Oh, the blonde one? That's Tris, they both just moved down here." Tris. That's a beautiful name, not as beautiful as her though.

"Dude, I'd love to stay and chat, but I gotta pee before lesson starts." Zeke says, looking embarrassed, and he rushes out of class.

Then I see her again.

She walks in with her friend, Christina, and they start talking to Tori. I don't really listen, but then I wonder where Tris will sit. There's a seat next to me...

"... and Tris, you can sit by, um, Four." Yes! Wait, I'll probably just embarrass myself.


Tris P.O.V

I sit by Four, and flash him an awkward smile.

"Tris, right?" He says as I nod.

"And you're Four? Zeke's friend?"

"Yeah, so you know him?"

"No, but I know Chris, and she knowa Uriah, and obviously he knows Zeke, so..." Oh god, I'm so awkward. Four just laughs.

"Yeah, so you came here with Christina and your family, anyone else?" Is he asking if I came here with a boyfriend? No Tris! That's stupid!

"No." I say, annoyed for some reason.

"Leave behind any friends?"

"Yeah, it was pretty sad, but I was happy to leave behind all the creepy boys at my old school." I say, trying to give him the message that I'm not seeing anyone. He laughs again, god, I love that laugh. Do I like him? Oh, god, I like him, don't I? Interrupting my thoughts, my phone dings, meaning I have a text. I open my phone. I have 2 texts, one from my mom, and one from Chris. I decide to look at Chris' first.

omg tris i can see u and 4 flirting over there i knew u liked him! - Chris

r u kidding i see u flirting with uriah - Tris

no ur kidding he has a gf - Chris

hasn't stopped u in the past ;) - Tris

no no no i like someone else - Chris

who? omg who? who? who? wait its will isn't it? -Tris

It takes Christina a while to reply to that one. She likes Will. I know she does. She blushes whenever she hears his name, she talks about him constantly, she's not gone out with anyone for ages. Believe me, for Chris that is not normal. But then he's the same about her. I should really get them together...


Again the beep of my phone drags me out of my thoughts.

Yeh its will but dont change the subject u like 4 - Chris

no - Tris

yes - Chris

no teacher just walked in put ur phone away - Tris

I pop my own phone in my bag.

The lesson drags on, and nothing eventful happens until lunch.




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