The Poisoned Kiss

"For from my embrace on this Earth you shall never wake".


1. The Poisoned Kiss


A light flickers deep within the blue of your eyes,

Like the shimmering sea in the moonlight’s small grin.

The darkness is draped over the once brightly lit skies,

The stars choking behind clouds as I start to close in.


My brushing touch on your skin makes your body shiver,

Though you wished for me whenever I was near by.

At the sound of my whisper, you shake and you quiver,

But my dear one, for me you should never be shy.


My hand ascends further up your porcelain case,

I rest on your chest that tries to cage your heart of stone.

Your sweet breath pursues the fluttering beats in a chase,

But I can run faster, taking breaths away as my own.


The light goes out as I take you with my unseen knife,

Now you will always be mine. I take your lips, I take

That breath and those beats. You take the bait, I take your life,

For from my embrace on this Earth you shall never wake.


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