The Time that Time Stopped

'Night and Day pass each other, as they always have done, as they always will do. Or perhaps not.' Forbidden to touch, to feel, Helia and Selene are kept under lock and key in the Grey Tower, except for their routine watch over the human world. Nothing ever changes. Except when it does. [sincerest apologies about the cover, I promise I will make a proper one as soon as I have access to the PC again]


2. Hoods

Selene stared out of the window at the dawn sky, her dark eyes flicking to the awakening city as the sun rose above its towers. Her raven hair flowed in waves down to her waist, long and thick. The day was so alive, so active and busy. The landscape below her tower was illuminated by a golden glow, warm and inviting. Everything was different in the day.

She was always excited to observe the hustle and bustle of the daytime. It was so fascinating to her, how fast everything moved. Nothing was ever like that for her when she walked the Lone Trail. She had only the tiniest of things to concentrate on. Little creatures chattering in the grasses, the voices of trees whispering in the wind. As much as she enjoyed her freedom from her chains, she was glad to be relieved from boredom at the end of each night.

The daytime watcher, her dress a deep blue and her skin a rich honey, was like Selene. At least, that was what she hoped. The shackles had no clunk, not like they should, so she had no way of knowing if she was the same. She would always try to take a peek through the window of the Grey Tower, but it was designed to make it difficult for her. Sometimes, just sometimes, she would see a snatch of white as she trekked past.

"Stop leaning." spoke the hooded one, startling Selene. She hadn't even realise she had been leaning out of the window, trying to signal to the sun subconsciously.

Oh, how she longed to meet the one other who could help her

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