damn these stories

This is a small collection of stories. I like to write in hand, guess I'm just more old school, so this is what I've come up with.

* I apologize for the spelling and grammar, English is my second language (not that I'm very good at grammar in any language at all, hah)


7. Vehicle

I'm a vehicle. I never stop moving. I haven't got time for pausing. I am transport and I am never ending supplies. You cannot catch me and pin me down to the same place for a longer period of time and you cannot control me moving around in this large space I have created for myself and which I, and only I, can and will dominate for the rest of my time spent moving around without a care for any other vehicles moving beside me. This world consist only of me moving and as long as I never stand still I will never feel the human needs of living. Because it is not my human body living, only containing who I am, my soul exploring and being and moving around. There is nothing more to life than that. It is all that I need and it is all I have ever wanted and will ever get. And I am not only satisfied, I am completely and innerly happy. There is nothing more to exploring and moving and just being than that. Nothing more.

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