damn these stories

This is a small collection of stories. I like to write in hand, guess I'm just more old school, so this is what I've come up with.

* I apologize for the spelling and grammar, English is my second language (not that I'm very good at grammar in any language at all, hah)


18. 9.

You fall down on your knees. You're breathing very heavily and panting with exhaustion. That was a very long run you took there, and as you put your arms behind your head to try and catch your breath, someone hands you a glass of water, which you gladly gulp down so fast you're gonna have a hickey, and then won't be able to talk. But it doesn't matter, you'll talk anyway. You always do, don't you? You just never shut up.

You stand up, body shaking and head thumping and heart pounding, and a moment you're afraid your knees are gonna give in and you'll fall straight down, and you smile, just a little smile that doesn't really fit your face or looks very good on you, but that's okay, you don't care. You never really care, do you? Guess there's no reason, when there's no one to and nothing to care for, but it would be nice if you could just care a little bit sometimes.

The family waits patiently, the father looking at you with the refilled water glass steady in his hands, with a smile not unlike yours, ugly and misplaced. The mother's smiling with her hands in her lap, ready to get anything at a single command for either her husband or soon-to-be-son-in-law. The daughter looking really pleased to see you, but somewhat tired in position and expression. The little brother watching you all bored from the other end of the room. Your happiness somewhat subsides when you see all this. The room feels so sad and you just feel like wiping away your dum grin and watching a black-and-white movie with your fiances head on your shoulder, sinking deep into the melancholy of the place and drift far way, but somehow you remain where you are and the happy glint in your eye doesn't disappear, even though your smile does.

You can breathe and stand perfectly well now, but somehow you don't feel like wrecking this sad place, because you know that once the happiness subside again, the room will only become even sadder than before. They all look at you. You smile again. "I got the job!" you say.

You can hear nothing but happiness, but you fan feel the sadness sinking deeper.


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