damn these stories

This is a small collection of stories. I like to write in hand, guess I'm just more old school, so this is what I've come up with.

* I apologize for the spelling and grammar, English is my second language (not that I'm very good at grammar in any language at all, hah)


38. 3

She talks to herself, because she can no longer hear what other people say. She has closed out the world, because they never tell her things she wants to hear. She doesn't want to listen anymore. She can only hear herself. And, of course, the inhabitants in her head. There is no escape of them. That's mainly the reason why she talks aloud. When she hears her own voice, she can finally close out those in her head. But she can't just talk to herself every minute of every day. That's normally where music help her get along. Or, well, she just have to stand the pain of being alive.

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