damn these stories

This is a small collection of stories. I like to write in hand, guess I'm just more old school, so this is what I've come up with.

* I apologize for the spelling and grammar, English is my second language (not that I'm very good at grammar in any language at all, hah)


32. 16.

It's loud and it's annoying.

This beeping sound in my head.

I can feel the hollow in my chest.

I'm already so used to voices.

These just sound very different.

They're talking totally normal.

But they sound so strange to me.

Like the voice is very far away.

As though they come from within.

Deep within their dark souls.

Like someone is trapped inside them.

And they're screaming for help.

But they aren't supposed to scream.

And the people with the strange voices won't let them out of their hollow hearts.

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