Never Ending Lies

18 Year old Jennifer Waggner is revealed to her first lie she was ever told. Read to find out how she reacts to This Never Ending Circle Of Lies.


3. Revolution

   Jennifer's POV

*next day*

Don't get me wrong im still pretty pissed at my mom but I have to say that I am starting to ease up about it. I was laying in bed and it was Saturday. YES!!! I thought to myself. I smelled bacon, pancakes,  and my favorite doughnuts from Annie's. I was really hungry so I decided that I would go down stairs and  go eat.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" My mom, sister, and dad shouted. "THANKS GUYS SOO MUCH!!!" with much excitement in my voice. "Wait..." I said with a little bit of concern and some confusion. "What about work Dad?" Of course since my dad was a banker he has to work on the weekends.

"Oh... well I got fired" my dad said softly. "Oh,," I said and started to get teary eyed. "HAHAHA you are such a stinker.... I took the day off for you it talked to my boss and he gave me one day off!!!" "Dad you scared me" I shouted sort of soft.

We all sat down for breakfast and ate, it was so good and I was sop stuffed after we ate. "THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!!!" I said and then suddenly my mom said "ok so go get ready, we have to get ready to leave" "Leave...Where?" I stated confused and unsure. "You will see" my sister told me happily.

So I went upstairs and went to my room. I didn't know what to wear so I was rummaging through my closet for about 10-15 minutes. I finally picked out my grey sweater, blue skinny jeans, grey heel boots, and my big ring and earing's.

A/N: Hey guys sorry I haven't been updating but I have so much going on. Sorry its kinda short I will try and do another update. AGAIN SOOO  SORRY!!!! I bet you all understand  so comment and lets get 3 likes for next chapter???

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