Never Ending Lies

18 Year old Jennifer Waggner is revealed to her first lie she was ever told. Read to find out how she reacts to This Never Ending Circle Of Lies.


1. People Descriptions (ik alot of this is boring but alot of it is important)

Jennifer Waggner:18 year old Jennifer Waggner goes to Belton High. She lives in England with he family. Daughter of Marry and Clans Waggner. Sister of Zach Waggner.

Zach Waggner: 15 year old Zach Waggner goes to Gordon Jr. High. Son of Marry and Clans Waggner. Brother of  Jennifer Waggner.


Clans Waggner: Works as a Banker, Married to Marry Waggner, father of  Jennifer and Zach Waggner.

Marry Waggner: Works as a Baker, married to Clans Waggner, mother of Jennifer and Zach Waggner. Maiden name: Marry Jackson (IMPORTANT)

*A/N*: This is just a character description, I will be posting another chapter today. Thx my Lovely's!!!


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