First World Problems: The New Layout

Just everything I think about the new layout, and what I think about what everyone else thinks about the new layout.



I think the same thing happened the last time when Movellas updated. You know, the "old movellas" that everyone keeps referring to, used to be a new Movellas once - remember: the circle profile pics, the italic comments and the satanic smileys?

[Please tell me someone remembers the satanic smileys?]

Everyone, as far as I know, hated it. But it got better - because the Movellas staff made a few changes (thank God) and because everyone just sucked it up and got over it.
Let's face it, nobody likes change, but sometimes it has to happen.
I mean, I remember when you couldn't personally message another user xD, all the notifs were conjoined so that you just couldn't turn them off unless you wanted a completely empty inbox, the stories had no rating system and you could claim to be born in the future.
Crazy, mad stuff. I'm not even joking.

So maybe now it's not what you're used to, but it just has to happen sometimes.

Other websites update constantly - like YouTube, Facebook, even Google - for a number of different reasons. Maybe Movellas just wanted to update their image, and I don't see what's wrong with that. Everyone said that the former layout looked childish and juvenile (and slightly creepy) when it first came out, and now I think things don't look too childish or too formal. To put it in Goldilocks terms, it looks "just right".

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