First World Problems: The New Layout

Just everything I think about the new layout, and what I think about what everyone else thinks about the new layout.



Calm the flip down.

Let's be honest, okay?
Have any of you actually seen what a serious writing site looks like or how the people on a serious writing site behave? I'll be frank, my searches for writing sites aren't extensive, but the ones I did find I found extremely difficult to integrate into. Instead of having a bunch of friends that want to help you improve; you have an insane, ambitious population of snobs that want to constantly discredit you (I only wish I was exaggerating there).
It's like a writer's Hunger Games out there.
I'm not kidding, people do not want to be amiable. I eventually gave up looking for writing sites because of this and just wrote small fanfictions on DeviantArt because people are actually nice on dA. I had people following my stories on a weekly basis until they were finished, which I would say is a lot more than what some of us are doing.

I didn't go looking for Movellas, it was suggested to me in its Stone Age and I didn't stay because I got loads of likes and faves and fans. When I joined, I had only one story up for a competition on bullying and it didn't get a single like. Barely got ten views. The story was up for about a fortnight before I took it down.
But you know what?
Somehow in those two weeks I managed to get 10 fans - one of them being Adam Gilray another being Lia and they were the most popular writers at the time.

The site I joined was a writing site, but the site I stayed with was a freaking community.

We had a thread in the forums that was literally called "Banter". If it wasn't for the social factor of this site, I probably would have gotten bored a long, long time ago.
And many of us use this site as a social platform anyway. Some movellians even use the mumbles like a status update xD. And so do I, just not as often.

Movellas wouldn't be Movellas without the community it has gained, it's what makes this site differ from all the other literary sites.

And I loved Stone Age Movellas, but you have to remember that Movellas is a business and it needs to mature into the internet. So if it wants to attract more members, authors and competitions, it has to go social.
And I'll admit, I'm not exactly digging the whole "Followers" thing or the Facebook-styled notification icon - but it makes things more convenient for people who use and transfer from sites like that.

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