First World Problems: The New Layout

Just everything I think about the new layout, and what I think about what everyone else thinks about the new layout.



I'm talking about the Hidden Gems feature and others. Firstly, Hidden Gems hadn't been updated in a while... I just realised that. Anyway.
I agree that this is a writing site and it should give out a literary image. That's final, I have no arguments there.

But don't forget that each of us as members also need to step up and help each other. I've said this time and time again - we need to do random acts of literacy to help each other, and until then - there can be as many literary widgets and tools - but it won't make original stories popular. Don't wait for hand-outs, give them when you get the spare time and ask for favours in return.

That's how this site has always worked.

And now more than ever, since you're all so adamantly against the culling, you need to give each other shout-outs, comments of encouragement, etc. and not just critiques.


Oh, and Ambassadors actually have a purpose now, because it's not so easy to navigate the site. Before, they title seemed like an unnecessary place in an unnecessary hierarchy.

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