First World Problems: The New Layout

Just everything I think about the new layout, and what I think about what everyone else thinks about the new layout.



Okay, just to be clear - I mainly use Movellas on my phone, and I haven't really checked out the PC site yet. But, from what I see, white is the main colour going around. The purple has had a few complaints and there have been claims that's it's become too girly a theme. I suggested to one of the ambassadors that a choice of skin or a choice in colour to personalize your own site would be nice, but eh.

Firstly, the boy:girl ratio is like 1:100 (though I know a lot more guys around here than most people, mainly because I go around looking for them xD) and I'm not saying that just because there's more girls we should have a girly theme - but it makes sense. Like, you can understand why the staff would want one.
Secondly, purple is a fairly unisex colour. Blue and red make the colour in question, and pink is basically lightened red.
Thirdly, when it first started, nobody liked the green and blue scheme (which are fairly boyish colours).

Seriously, guys, what do you want?

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